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Happy summer!


I hope everyone is having a great summer. It sure has been a while since I wrote a post. Apologies as usual. ūüôā

So much is changing here. The biggest change is my son will start a private school in late August. The life of a home schooled middle schooler (and only child-at that) is kinda lonely…

What have I been up to? Well, I spent the past few months working on a grant proposal to request an art grant through my local arts council. Composing four narratives made me never want to write again! But I miss blogging, there just hasn’t been any time for it.

With my son going to school, that means I will soon enter the working world. Yikes! After homeschooling for nearly eight years…and having only two part-time jobs during thirteen years of being a stay-at-home mom…need I say more?

In addition to all of these changes, I am still working on my ceramic art. I’ll update my art website soon with some recent work. Here’s a preview of a line of functional pottery I’m developing–wine plates!



By the way, writing a post from my phone is sooo much easier than from my laptop. Hope it looks decent, too.



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Hiking, insects, and other stuff

September is finally here and I am so glad.  I am not a summer person and am ready for summer to be over just as soon as it starts.   My favorite season is autumn and it is only 21 days away.  Where in the world could I live where I could enjoy a year without summer? 

Sunday, I went on a long hike.¬† My body had been¬†craving some strenuous exercise for a while.¬† We decided to go to¬†Stone Mountain in North Carolina, not Georgia.¬†¬† We had not been since my son was 4 years old and during that occasion, we didn’t hike any trails.¬† This time, we hiked¬†the Stone Mountain loop trail which is categorized as strenuous and¬†4.3 miles.¬†¬† It took about 3 hours to hike the entire trail.¬† Of course, we stopped here and there to enjoy the scenery and notice bits of nature.¬† Towards the end of the trail,¬†my legs¬†literally shook from exhaustion due to the¬†steep descent¬†down the mountain.¬† It was a tough hike for all of us, but overall , we had a great time.¬† I noticed how much deeper I could¬†breathe¬†when it was all over.¬†¬† It was a great feeling!


While we were driving through the park, we spotted butterflies all over thistle blossoms.  Daniel stopped the car and I immediately jumped out with my camera in hand.  With me being a nature freak, the site of these butterflies was eye candy.   I took at least 20 pictures, but here are a few that turned out the best.

The day trip to Stone Mountain marked the end of our summer vacation.¬† We started school on Monday and so far, things have been going well.¬†¬†¬†I decided to apply for the 4-H volunteer position to start a science club.¬†¬†The¬†county were I live has a fantastic 4-H program and my son will¬†benefit tremendously from the activities and experience.¬† I think I will benefit, as well, from working with 4-H.¬†¬†¬†I sent in the application this week to get it underway,¬†the¬†screening process and training could take several weeks to complete.¬† The application was very detailed and asked for everything short of providing a DNA sample.¬† It¬†asked¬†for my employment and volunteer¬†experiences over the past¬†ten years.¬† Good grief!¬† My¬†employment only includes two¬†part-time jobs within the past 10 years.¬† Everything else has been volunteer work.¬† Being a stay at home mom has allowed me to volunteer for things¬†I couldn’t have done if I had worked fulltime.¬†¬† Most things were¬†enjoyable and fulfilling, but sometimes I would get stuck with¬†doing things¬†other moms couldn’t do because they were at work during the day.¬†¬†Some people seem to¬†assume that if I am at home then I am available.¬† Nevermind that my day is spent homeschooling my child.¬† So with all of this said, my calendar is filling up quickly with activities, appointments, projects and personal commitments…because I have all of this free time¬†on my hands. ūüėȬ†¬†Somehow, I will figure out how to add¬†4-H into my life.

Yesterday, I found this little guy crawling on my sidewalk.¬† It is a banded tussock moth caterpillar.¬† My plan was to raise it, watch it turn into a moth, and then release it. ¬†I looked through my resources and searched the internet and couldn’t find¬†exactly what kind of leaves it ate.¬†¬†I decided to let him go this morning because I didn’t want him to die of starvation.¬†¬†

Labor Day is Monday.¬† My husby usually works on Labor Day, and¬†it is normally just a regular weekday for us.¬† This year might be different and he may¬†have the day off.¬† There’s talk that we¬†might return¬†to Stone Mountain.¬† I hear camping might be involved.


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The photo above is what I got when I asked the hubby to take a picture of me while I built a¬†sandcastle with our son.¬† It seems I am the one usually behind the lens; therefore, I am not in many photos.¬† My husband, on the other hand, is a “point and shoot” type, and so¬†a picture he takes of me¬†is either hit or miss.¬† This is obviously a miss,¬†nonetheless, a photo of me preserved in a photograph for a memory of my vacation with my family.

I regret that I don’t have many photos of myself.¬† I feel¬†selfish when I¬†hand the camera to my husband and say, “Here, now you take some pictures of me.”¬† From that point on,¬†the moment seems spoiled.¬† No surprise candid shots of me looking¬†away in thought with a gentle breeze blowing against me.¬† Nope, just me bent over dumping out a¬†bucket of sand.¬†¬†

I also regret to say that my summer is coming to an end, another summer¬†come and gone. My¬†summer was a busy one and,¬†of course, I didn’t get to do all that I wanted.¬† The most unfortunate thing that happened to me was that I had my first case of poison ivy.¬† My summer got off to a¬†rocky start due to that, but it (the rash) is gone now, thank goodness!¬† We will start¬†another year of homeschooling,¬†my son¬†will be in¬†6th grade this year.¬† The last few weeks have been spent¬†(literally)¬†buying school¬†materials and getting my ducks in a row.¬† This will be my seventh year homeschooling.

My posts for the summer have¬†averaged about one a month.¬† I do regret that I haven’t posted more, but I have had a serious case of writer’s block.¬† I checked out a site called Plinky, to help me with some inspiring prompts.¬† The only problem was that I spent two hours on my first challenge.¬† Something about writing a poem with every word beginning with the letter “S”.¬† Talk about being stupidly stumped!

So, I am still around…here in the blogoshpere.¬† I’ll be posting something, sometime.¬† Just keep checking back.

Note: Speaking of blogosphere, it reminds me of troposphere and that leads me to a song by¬†musician, Steve Burns.¬† He is the “Steve” from the popular children’s TV show Blue’s Clues.¬† After the character “Steve” left for college in 2002, the real “Steve” left the show to pursue a music career.¬†¬†His style is unique and strangely different, but¬†his music is¬†genuine.¬† I can appreciate any artist who¬†steps out of the norm to be¬†creative.

Click here to listen to Steve Burns’ song “Troposphere.”


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My awesome vacation!

To begin with, I think I¬†am the world’s worst blogger.¬† Along with never having any time (or making time)¬†to devote to blogging, I also¬†have writer’s block.¬†¬†I regularly sit at the PC just staring at the keyboard, never knowing what to say.¬†I spend most of my time¬†uploading¬†photos,¬†trying to take the first step to get inspired, hoping¬†the words will¬†pour out¬†and I’ll pound¬†away at the keyboard.¬† Mostly, I¬†just want to take the easy way out and do a photo essay.¬† Pictures say a thousands words, right?¬†¬† Don’t be surprised if this post has more photos than words.

We are blessed to live in a state where we have two regions that are great vacation destinations, the coast and the mountains.   Like many people, we love to go to the beach during the summer.  We prefer a calm and less populated beach, unlike some large cities along the East Coast with high-rise hotels that hug the shore line with swarms of beach goers.  This year, our destination was The Outer Banks (aka OBX) of North Carolina. 

We chose to stay in¬†Kill Devil Hills (KDH), which was actually more populated than we liked.¬† Overall, we enjoyed staying there and learned the ins and outs of KDH and the nearby¬†towns. Our hotel¬†accommodations were fabulous!¬† An enjoyable and relaxing¬†vacation for me is leaving the cleaning up to someone else.¬† The beach in front of¬†our hotel was often¬†crowded, but we figured out how to work around the crowds.¬† Sometimes, we just endured them.¬† My thoughts were, “it could always be worse”, such as being at¬†Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.¬†¬†UGH!

Below are the attractions we visited with a photo from each place.  Most places are historical landmarks, which was our main purpose for visiting the OBX.   Links are also provided if you would like to read more.


My husband and son climbed to the top.





And now, the photo essay…

Here are some random scenes from our vacation.  Scroll over each photo for a description.

Enjoy and thanks for reading about my AWESOME vacation!



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Warts, fish and flowers

“Releasing the Eggnog Day” has come and gone, June is almost over, and the July 4th holiday weekend is right around the corner.¬† Our¬†Independence Day is¬†usually uneventful, but we usually¬†take in a fireworks display in a nearby town.¬†¬†In the south, it is normally very hot and humid on July 4th, and¬†we are big wimps on¬†being outdoors.¬† I always dread the summer heat and humidity.¬† July, August and September are my least favorite months in the year.¬†

I wonder how much longer I can stay with walking outside until I resort to using my treadmill.

Summer is really flying by and I am trying to make the most of it.  I have gotten accustomed to exercising at home.  Each day, I have three activities I choose to focus on, walking, lifting weights or Pilates.  I try to do at least one activity everyday.  Sometimes, I get to do two or even all three. 

Yesterday, I did not get to do any of them. 

My day consisted of running errands from 11:00 am until 4:30pm.  Here are a couple of interesting observations from yesterday that I thought I would share.

Wart removal:¬†Covering the wart with duct tape works.¬† Actually, in my son’s case and his sweaty boy hands, the duct tape kept slipping off so we changed and used¬†white bandage tape.¬† We did not follow the instructions¬†exactly as the doctor said, mostly due to “sweaty boy hands.”¬† After about eight days of covering the area with tape,¬†the wart peeled off.¬†¬†¬†We visited the dermatologist¬†to confirm¬†if¬†the wart was completely gone.¬† The doctor¬†applied beetle juice to the area to take care of anything that was left behind.¬† Now we wait.

Fish can be trained:¬†¬†The fish in the pond at the dermatologist’s¬†office could see my son and me.¬† ¬†A natural bank and an iron fence surrounded the pond, and¬†we were about 15 feet away from the water’s edge.¬† As we walked along the fence, we looked at the turtles and noticed a large school of fish swim to¬†the edge of the pond.¬† They swam over to¬†where we were and then¬†they all¬†turned¬†to¬†face us.¬† I decided to¬†test what they would do and so we walked a little further to our right.¬† Sure enough, the fish swam and followed us then turned again to face us when we stopped.¬†¬†I had never seen fish in a pond do that.¬† We¬†walked along the fence in the other direction and they followed us again. When we stopped, they stopped and would turn and face us. Too bad we did not have any bread to feed¬†them.¬†¬†Obviously,¬†the fish recognized when people were nearby because they¬†fed them.¬† We were not very close to the pond yet they could still see us.¬† I thought that was amazing.¬†

Below is a photo of some lilies and hydrangeas from my garden.  I like this arrangement because blue and orange are complimentary colors.  

I cannot let the summer go by without a mention of the flowers in my garden.



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