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What’s happenin’


My workspace

I’m back! Briefly –haha.  Much has happened since the summer. I’ll do my best to recap. Here it goes…

1. In August, we enrolled our son in a private school and he didn’t like it. It appears homeschoolers just can’t hack 12+ hour days of the drudge of traditional school life.  In fact, he missed having a life.  Yes, a 13-year-old can have a life outside of school, I guess.  There was no sense in paying a tuition when your child is miserable.  So, we went back to homeschooling.  He was there for only a couple of weeks. I suppose when you know something is wrong for you, it doesn’t take you long to figure it out.

2. During the summer months, I prepared a lengthy application to request a grant from my local arts council for a ceramic kiln.  In October, they finally notified me with their decision to not fund me the grant. Poo. 😦 Sure, I was disappointed, but life is full of disappointments.  So, I moved forward.  I found another great pottery studio to work in.  I’m excited to have a whole new experience in a new location.

3.  Yoga is a new passion of mine.  I practice it at a studio four times a week, and I. LOVE. IT.  Enough said. 🙂

4. Lastly, I will spill a little secret. I am a HUGE Dinosaur Jr. fan, and have forever adored J Mascis.  I had not seen them in concert since October 21, 1994, so I was super psyched to finally attend a concert after 18 years. They really rock!  If you are interested in seeing the performance I recorded and/or my photographs, feel free to click on the following links.

Dinosaur Jr. performing “The Lung” live.

Pics of the concert on Flickr.

And yes, I was the ONLY 40+ year-old woman at the stage!  I didn’t care.  I deserved it. 🙂

I miss my blogging friends.  I hope everyone is well.  I’ll try to check out everyone’s blog soon.

Now, back to juggling my life.  See ya’!



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My new ceramic art blog

I finally launched my new ceramic art blog.  It is simply called  Tammy Privette – ceramic artist.   

Please check it out and click  “Follow” to subscribe and received notifications on new posts.  I will update it as I complete new projects.  

Thanks in advance!

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Tammy, Interrupted

Hello? Is there anyone out there who remembers me?  Dang it!  Where did everyone go?

Oh! I guess it was me who disappeared. Ooops.

Sorry for the loooong absence, but I’ve been preoccupied with all those things that life can throw at you.  And life threw me a BIG ONE!

What is it that people say?  Never say never?  Well, such is the case…never say never.

Anyway, I am mending–slowly, but surely.  Hang in there with me and I might just write a post someday.  Maybe sooner than you (or I) think!

Back in March, I returned to work at the pottery studio.  I’ll pick up my recent work this week.  Seeing the results of the glaze firing always makes me anxious, but if the pieces are decent *fingers crossed*, I’ll post the results.

In the meantime, here is a song I will leave with you by The Magnetic Fields.

I plan to see them in concert next week.  Perhaps that will give me a reason to write another post…

Oh, the pressure!

We’ll see.


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Catching up – Pottery unveiled

The summer is almost behind me.  I am anxious to share the awesome experiences we had with our Japanese exchange student this summer.  He went back to Japan over a week ago.  Since then, I have been catching up on things before our school starts back .   Before I write a post sharing the details about our exchangee, I wanted to first follow-up on the results of the pottery I made back in July. 

Beginning at the end of June, I had an opportunity to work in a pottery studio for a month.   This was a big deal to me, as I had not faithfully worked on the wheel in almost 18 years.  I was so excited to begin working on my wheel throwing technique.  Each week (week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4), I wrote a post about my experience and showed some examples of the pots I made.   

In the middle of July, tragedy struck my husband’s family and my priorities were rearranged.   After a week-long set-back, I was able to resume working at the studio.  But by the time my month was over, the excitement I had in the beginning was replaced with  impatience…to finish up my work and move on.  

My pots were glaze fired at the end of July, but I didn’t have any spare time to take photographs.  I finally photographed them today, and I am eager to share the results.  

Three stacking green bowls. 

The inside of the green bowls.

This pot has a salt-buff glaze resulting in a rough texture and an organic look.  It is different, but I like it.  

Pot with spanish red glaze and white glaze overlay.

Small pot with spanish red glaze.

The spanish red glaze over the white glaze on these two pots resembles a soft cappuccino color.

These plates and trays were made from slabs.  The two round plates were molded from a salad plate.  The two rectangular trays on the bottom right were molded from a black foam produce tray.   All have the spanish red glaze.










The imprints on the rim of the plates were made by scratching a fork and pressing the end of an orange juicer.  The imprint on the trays were made with a plastic mesh used for gutters.  

Some of my pots were completely ruined in the glaze firing.  Losing a few  was expected, but most survived and were successful.  I am pleased with the outcome and my overall experience. I can’t complain.  I think I got my money’s worth. 🙂


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Demonstration and preview: Week 4

Last day at the studio.

My time at the studio has come to an end.  My family and I, along with our Japanese exchange student, drove to the studio yesterday to pick up my finished pieces.  I haven’t had time to take picutres of them.  I hope to do that during the next week or so.  In the meantime, here is a photo of a pot that turned out nicely.

One thing I had forgotten about was how much ceramics shrink after the glaze firing.   The coffee mug my husband made is now fit for tea, not coffee.

I had planned to return to the studio when our Japanese student would be with us.  I wanted to take the time to demonstrate to him how to throw clay on a potter’s wheel.

I typed out my own instructions on wheel throwing in English, and then translated it to Japanese using Google Translate.  I printed a copy to use to teach him.  My experience so far with using the Google translating tool hasn’t been 100% accurate, but I believe he understood me well enough.

My son also had another opportunity to throw on the wheel again.

I guided him along the process so his experience would be a successful one.  He did very well and I think he enjoyed his first time working on the wheel.

Next, his bowl will be bisqued and I will return to the studio at a later date to glaze it for him.  He will likely have already returned to Japan after it has been glazed fired.  I plan to ship it him when it is finished.  I’m sure it will be a small reminder of his time at the studio and his stay with us.

Funny how something so small could mean so much.


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