My new ceramic art blog

I finally launched my new ceramic art blog.  It is simply called  Tammy Privette – ceramic artist.   

Please check it out and click  “Follow” to subscribe and received notifications on new posts.  I will update it as I complete new projects.  

Thanks in advance!


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Me – aka: potter/groupie

There’s so much guilt one has when they have a blog and don’t post anything regularly.  I’m not one of those people.  Yeah, right.

It seems that no matter how hard I try to devote time to my blog, I always get preoccupied with other things.  There are at least four drafts that are saved that I have never finished.  I don’t think I’m alone with this type of “problem”, but that’s still no excuse – I know.  So, for a treat I’ve included an exclusive video.  It will appear at the end, but don’t scroll down and jump ahead.  That’s cheating.  There’s more to read first.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a batch of freshly glazed ceramics from the pottery studio, but I haven’t been able to photograph everything. Here’s a sneak peek.  Sorry, it’s just one photo, but I promise there will be more to come.

This is a stretched out textured hand-built tray I made.  The inspiration came from this video.

Here I am working on the wheel.  *Hint*  Keep reading.

On April 12, my husband and I did something very unique and exciting.  We are sort of reinventing ourselves – by going to a concert! Ha! We had not been to a concert together since Dinosaur Jr. in 1994.  The two bands we saw were incredible, DeVotchKa and The Magnetic Fields.  Only recently did I become a fan of both bands, and I did my homework.  Within only a few months, I researched each band and the members, acquired as many albums as I found available, and memorized most of their songs.  Yes, SIR-REE!.  I crammed like I was cramming for finals in college.  I’m a hard-core fan now.  I even have proof.  Check out The Magnetic Fields tour blog at this link.  Scroll down through their post about day two in Chapel Hill, and you will see me wearing an owl t-shirt.  I think Stephin Merritt likes owls.

To further prove my fandom, below are some photos I took.

The opening band was DeVotchKa.  Nick Urata is singing and Tom Hagerman is in the background.  They are playing “The Clockwise Witness”.  Awesome song!

Shawn King played drums and trumpet.  Their performance was an acoustical set, but Shawn played a drum machine.  DeVotchKa wouldn’t have sounded the same without the percussion.

Next, is DeVotchKa’s set list.   I didn’t snatch it. David (a guy we met) gets all the credit for his quick thinking to grab it before someone else did.  Good thing I thought quickly and asked to get a photo of it.

Finally, The Magnetic Fields and Stephin Merritt with one of his four kazoos.  He is a genius with those unusual instruments.  Oh, and you guessed correctly.  I am directly in front of him.  Lucky me!   

Another photo of Stephin singing one of my favorite songs, “Andrew in Drag” from their new album, Love at the Bottom of the Sea.   The lyrics to the song will raise some eyebrows, but I love to hear him sing it.  I enjoy hearing it played acoustical, but the original version is my favorite.  As a warning, there’s a viewer’s discretion when watching the official video.  Regardless of the video, the song has such a catchy tune and lyrics, I bet you’ll go around singing it in your head, too.   Just be careful of who hears you. There have been worse songs written and sung.  Right? 😉

The other TMF musicians left to right: Shirley Simms, John Woo, and cellist Sam Davol.  Not pictured: Claudia Gonson.

Well, here’s Claudia.  She was too far away, but I captured her head above the piano.   Tom Hagerman of DeVotchKa, came out during the encore to perform “Love is Like Jazz” with TMF.

Now, if by chance you are still reading and have fourteen minutes with nothing to do, you can view me throwing on the potter’s wheel.  Surprise!

I’m not sure why I taped myself.  It was either because I could or in some way critique myself later.  I’ve never watched myself throw before.  Anyhow, you’ll find it either fascinating, boring, or fascinatingly boring.

Thanks for watching.


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Tammy, Interrupted

Hello? Is there anyone out there who remembers me?  Dang it!  Where did everyone go?

Oh! I guess it was me who disappeared. Ooops.

Sorry for the loooong absence, but I’ve been preoccupied with all those things that life can throw at you.  And life threw me a BIG ONE!

What is it that people say?  Never say never?  Well, such is the case…never say never.

Anyway, I am mending–slowly, but surely.  Hang in there with me and I might just write a post someday.  Maybe sooner than you (or I) think!

Back in March, I returned to work at the pottery studio.  I’ll pick up my recent work this week.  Seeing the results of the glaze firing always makes me anxious, but if the pieces are decent *fingers crossed*, I’ll post the results.

In the meantime, here is a song I will leave with you by The Magnetic Fields.

I plan to see them in concert next week.  Perhaps that will give me a reason to write another post…

Oh, the pressure!

We’ll see.


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Choices and life

When I was a child, I never thought about what my life would be like.  I didn’t have a care in the world, as they say.

As a teenager and young adult, I lived in the moment, never thinking about where my life was going.  Sure I made plans and had goals, but back then it was easy to live day by day.

Now, almost half-way through my life (should I live to be 90),  I have come to the realization that the decisions and choices I have made leading up to today have carved out my life.  In many ways, the life I have has been chosen for me, either from intentional or unintentional choices.

Unlike the days of our youth, the freedoms to plan and create aren’t there as we grow into adulthood.  Our choices become limited.  Not only that, but we are not “of our own” anymore.  Rather, we live to affect the people around us by the choices we make.  They are at our mercy, so to speak.

My grandmother will turn 90 years old this Saturday.  I know she’s made many choices in her lifetime.  Most of those were self-sacrificing ones. 

I guess those are always the best choices to make. 


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Winter sunset

sunset…..evening and night

by Ritty Patnaik

the sun,
clad in fiery orange, russet
returned, with glee
to be home,
behind the mountains.
whispered, to the trees,
serene mountains,
and the tired breeze,
to rest awhile!
and to the flowing stream,
to have a peaceful night!

the valley
prepared itself to sleep,
in the crisp lightness
of a winter evening.
the butterflies
had sauntered home,
the cacophony, and drill,
of the chirpy birds,
was missing in the field,
and the trees,
with a final rustle,
settled for the night,
peace prevailed,
sun went down,
it was dusk.

the ink of darkness,
got merged
in the ethereal black
of the darkened sky.

creating an aura of silence,
and a color stain,
in the black beauty,
of the night.
some dark feelings
ignited in the mind,
some dark memories,
frisked the heart

I wondered
from where did they come?

as the mountain, the streams,
all went to sleep,
in the lap,
of mother nature.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and blessed holiday season.

Merry Christmas!


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