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I recently wrote a post called  Fall projects for my ceramic art blog.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall projects

{Image borrowed from Raw Foods Rehab}



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Winter sunset

sunset…..evening and night

by Ritty Patnaik

the sun,
clad in fiery orange, russet
returned, with glee
to be home,
behind the mountains.
whispered, to the trees,
serene mountains,
and the tired breeze,
to rest awhile!
and to the flowing stream,
to have a peaceful night!

the valley
prepared itself to sleep,
in the crisp lightness
of a winter evening.
the butterflies
had sauntered home,
the cacophony, and drill,
of the chirpy birds,
was missing in the field,
and the trees,
with a final rustle,
settled for the night,
peace prevailed,
sun went down,
it was dusk.

the ink of darkness,
got merged
in the ethereal black
of the darkened sky.

creating an aura of silence,
and a color stain,
in the black beauty,
of the night.
some dark feelings
ignited in the mind,
some dark memories,
frisked the heart

I wondered
from where did they come?

as the mountain, the streams,
all went to sleep,
in the lap,
of mother nature.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and blessed holiday season.

Merry Christmas!


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Happy Easter!

Easter blessings to everyone! 

I apologize for being away from blogging for so long, but I haven’t had much time to write any posts.  I have enjoyed reading and commenting on other’s blogs, but “circumstances” seemed to have gotten in the way of me composing a decent post.

Here are a few of the excuses circumstances

  • Husband has been at home since the end of March recovering from carpel tunnel surgery.  It is hard to explain how his being home 24/7 has interupted my normal routine, but it has.  He is expected to return to work sometime in early May. 
  • I spent part of my spring break out of town with an old college friend.   This was only for 3 days.  Not a very good excuse, I know, but it was fun. 
  • I was stricken with poison ivy again.  Not that it was a hinderance with writing a post, but just annoying.  Fortunately, the rash was no where near as bad as the rash I had back in the summer.  (Note to self: Must learn to stay away from the right section of my backyard.)
  • We have been taking advantage of husband being at home during his recovery by going on a few extra field trips during the week. 
  • And, of course, I cannot forget homeschooling.

The kitchen timer has just gone off and I am off to dye Easter eggs! 

Happy Easter!


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This and that

I cannot believe that this is my third consecutive weekly post.  This is a first for me.  I normally write one post a month, at best.  I don’t know how it has happened, maybe it’s Divine intervention.  🙂

There has been a lot of this and that going on the past week.  I have several things to write about and what better way to do it than with a photo essay.  Look for a  “retro” find, a drawing from a bizarre dream, things from around my house, and a MAJOR announcement.   

And here we go!

I found this beauty at the Goodwill.  It is a 1983 rotary telephone.  Boy is it heavy! The cost – 4 bucks.   I fogot about the LOUD ringer.   It sounds exactly like the phone ringing in 1979 horror movie “When A Stranger Calls”.  Remember that movie?  Remember the ringer?  Creeeeepy!!  Oh, and that isn’t my number.














This is an illustration from my son’s dream.  He drew this picture in case I had trouble visualizing the words  “Kiss my fat butt” written on the back of a pair of underwear.  Of course, I had no trouble visualizing it.  As if having an actual drawing wasn’t enough, it now hangs on the refrigerator.  That’s just great! *not* I hope I remember to remove it should someone come over.  How am I going to explain it?  I forgot the particulars of his dream, but it was wacky, to say the least.  










On the other side of the refrigerator are these little Valentine “luv bugs” of sorts and a handmade Valentine.  My son made it nine years ago when he was three years old.  I display it every Valentine’s Day.  Such a contrast to the drawing above. (head shaking)










In keeping with Valentine’s Day, this is Mr. Snowman holding a heart pendant.   It is a little reminder that Valentine’s Day is during the winter season.  For some strange reason, people here in the south seem to think that spring comes right after Christmas.  I am adamantly opposed to rushing in or rushing out a season.  I take them seriously.  My calendar says it is winter until March 20.














This is our cat,  Gary, asleep with his head on his paw.  I thought it was cute.

Finally, my major announcement – my son got braces this week.  Getting braces is a big deal.  The cost is the same as buying a good used vehicle!   He was ready to get them, but oh my – the house was filled with drama the very first day!  I remember that dreadful first day and the horrible pain.  It hurt to just brush my teeth!  I couldn’t even eat a scrambled egg!  My poor son.  Knowing what he was going through was awful for me to endure, but I knew the pain wouldn’t last long.  Fortunately, pain relievers and constant gum-chewing (sugarless) helped the pain subside.  By the third day, he was better and the rest of the week was spent adjusting to a new way of eating.   He is quite disappointed that he can no longer eat some of his favorite foods again until 2013.  

In a way, I hope the years go by fast for him, but slow for me. 


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Another new year

Twenty-eleven is here and we started the year off the same way we have started every year since 1999, with our son’s birthday.  This year was extra special because the date was 1/1/11.  It would have been cool if he had turned 11, but he turned 12 instead.  As you may guess, puberty prevails these days.  He has a small “mustache” on the corners of his mouth, and he is almost as big as me and weighs almost as much.  He is growing too fast and so much is changing.   Sometimes, I get a little sad to see the little guy growing up.  

Our final week of  2010 was spent enjoying the snow from our beautiful white Christmas.  It was the first white Christmas I can remember.  I didn’t mind it at all.  There was something serene and cozy about being snowed-in.  Christmas 2010 will be one we fondly remember for a long time. 

Ian’s Christmas gift to me was a handcrafted Maple wood bowl.

As I wrote in my previous post, I was anticipating to roast my first ever “pulled pork” and I am happy to say that I pulled it off. Literally!  Well, I roasted it and my hubby pulled it when it was done.  The method I chose was slowly roasting uncovered at 325 degrees F (basting every hour) until the internal temperature reaches 180.  It was tender and delicious and lasted for days and days.  In many ways, that was a bad thing.  I think I’ve met my pork quota for the next two years.

There was something funny about sprinkling Kosher salt on the pork that made my hubby chuckle.  I know there isn’t anything wrong with it…I guess you had to be there. 

Finally, with another new year comes another birthday for me, in 10 days! UGH!  Seriously, I don’t dread my birthdays as much as I use to.  I attribute this to diet and exercise, though they were on hiatus for the past month.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t learned how to embrace my age, partly because I still feel like I should be in my late 20’s.  I have a hard time accepting that I can no longer say I am thirty-something.  Where have the years gone?  However, my son’s friend told me he thought I was 25, (which was ridiculously WAY off) and so I couldn’t help but to be flattered…just a little. 😉


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