This page includes a few examples my artwork in a variety of media.  My choice medium is clay, and my ceramic art can be seen at my website.

“Brook and Path” – mosaic (glass, tile, glass beads, stone)23″h x 12 1/4″w – 2009

“Messed Up” – mixed media (acrylic, ink, paper)14″h x11″w – 2009

“Going in Circles” – acrylic on canvas board 12″h x 9″w – 2008

“Three Suns” – acrylic on canvas board 12″h x 9″w – 2008




11 responses to “Artwork

  1. VERY impressive Tammy! You are VERY talented. I love them all but I believe that “Messed Up” is my favorite. 😀

  2. Gary, thanks so much for the compliments! I’m flattered that you like “Messed Up”. That piece has an interesting story behind it, but I never gave up on it.

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  4. S. Le

    All lovely stuff but I also like “Messed Up” best. Now you must tell us all the story.

  5. Your work is gorgeous! I love “Messed up” and “Gilded Impressions”.

  6. Do you own your own kiln Tammy? How do you fire your pieces?

    • S. Le: Thank you very much!
      The story behind “Messed Up” is that I was first inspired by a piece of decorative paper. After it was completed, I was never pleased and wanted to trash it. After a few months of looking at it and being dissatisfied, I finally tackled to change it. I’m more pleased with it but surprised that so many people like it.

      Jean: Thank you Jean! “Guilded Impressions” is one of my faves too. I was very pleased with how well the glaze firing turned out.

      Gary: I don’t own a kiln, but I use a friend’s glazes and kiln when I make things. I hope to have my own kiln someday now that I have studio space with our new house.

      Thanks again for linking my page. 🙂

  7. Beautiful! Wish you lived closer, I’d love to have you do some mosaic in our garden.

  8. Christy: Thanks. I wish I could do more mosaics!

  9. I like “Three Suns” and “Brook and Path” myself 😉

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