Ceramic art blog update

Hello! I just updated my ceramic art blog.  Take a look at my newest pieces that are in Gallery 7.  New work- Fall 2012.

I hope to give an update here at  The Tesserae soon.  I’m pretty spent after uploading pics for my other blog.  Wordpress isn’t very user friendly when it comes to editing photos, imo.  How do people keep up with two or more blogs!?  I can’t even keep up with one!

Happy belated New Year and I’ll be around. 🙂



Filed under blogging, ceramics, pottery

2 responses to “Ceramic art blog update

  1. Very nice work over there in Gallery 7. Wish I had a gallery, but since I no longer make anything, I’ve got nothing to display. *sigh*

  2. Thanks for looking at my work. 🙂

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