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My workspace

I’m back! Briefly –haha.  Much has happened since the summer. I’ll do my best to recap. Here it goes…

1. In August, we enrolled our son in a private school and he didn’t like it. It appears homeschoolers just can’t hack 12+ hour days of the drudge of traditional school life.  In fact, he missed having a life.  Yes, a 13-year-old can have a life outside of school, I guess.  There was no sense in paying a tuition when your child is miserable.  So, we went back to homeschooling.  He was there for only a couple of weeks. I suppose when you know something is wrong for you, it doesn’t take you long to figure it out.

2. During the summer months, I prepared a lengthy application to request a grant from my local arts council for a ceramic kiln.  In October, they finally notified me with their decision to not fund me the grant. Poo. 😦 Sure, I was disappointed, but life is full of disappointments.  So, I moved forward.  I found another great pottery studio to work in.  I’m excited to have a whole new experience in a new location.

3.  Yoga is a new passion of mine.  I practice it at a studio four times a week, and I. LOVE. IT.  Enough said. 🙂

4. Lastly, I will spill a little secret. I am a HUGE Dinosaur Jr. fan, and have forever adored J Mascis.  I had not seen them in concert since October 21, 1994, so I was super psyched to finally attend a concert after 18 years. They really rock!  If you are interested in seeing the performance I recorded and/or my photographs, feel free to click on the following links.

Dinosaur Jr. performing “The Lung” live.

Pics of the concert on Flickr.

And yes, I was the ONLY 40+ year-old woman at the stage!  I didn’t care.  I deserved it. 🙂

I miss my blogging friends.  I hope everyone is well.  I’ll try to check out everyone’s blog soon.

Now, back to juggling my life.  See ya’!



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8 responses to “What’s happenin’

  1. Yeah, I know, me too.

    So glad you are indulging your passion!

  2. Good hearing from you, Tammy, and it’s nice to hear such a positive update.

  3. Tammy!!! I was so happy to see this – thanks so much for the update!
    Sorry to hear school wasn’t IT for your son, but ya gotta do what works for you, right?! (Think of it as the ultimate in compliments!) So sorry your grant didn’t come through, but it sounds like you’re doing great things nonetheless. You are so darn talented!

    PS: Glad you enjoyed the Dinosaur Jr. show – they’re playing here in Portland too, and soon. My husband has all of their records – and funny story, my best friend from HS used to hang out with them in Northampton when she was at UMASS. Small world!

    Been MIA for weeks & weeks too, time to get back online!!!! XOXO

    • Thanks for your comment Christy! It’s great to hear for you, too! Yep, a lot has been happening here…time to get back online for me, as well. I hope.

      That is so cool that your husband is a Dinosaur Jr. fan! If he makes it to their show in Portland, tell him to take ear plugs BECAUSE IT IS VERY LOUD. 🙂 I was right at the stage (in front of J and his amp towers), and I felt my hair vibrate. I’m not joking. And I’m envious of your friend who hung out with them. WOW. *sigh*

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Go vegan!! Whoo-hoo!!

  4. Thanks for the update. You really have been quite a blog slacker like me.
    I see the yoga people yogging away at the gym. I should be more flexible and try it … or try it and be more flexible. I’m not sure how that works. hee hee!

    • I’ve learned to never make any promises that I can’t keep, such as, promising myself to blog more often. Still, I try to post something…monthly…maybe.
      You should try yoga sometime. Whenever you are flexible.

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