Tammy, Interrupted

Hello? Is there anyone out there who remembers me?  Dang it!  Where did everyone go?

Oh! I guess it was me who disappeared. Ooops.

Sorry for the loooong absence, but I’ve been preoccupied with all those things that life can throw at you.  And life threw me a BIG ONE!

What is it that people say?  Never say never?  Well, such is the case…never say never.

Anyway, I am mending–slowly, but surely.  Hang in there with me and I might just write a post someday.  Maybe sooner than you (or I) think!

Back in March, I returned to work at the pottery studio.  I’ll pick up my recent work this week.  Seeing the results of the glaze firing always makes me anxious, but if the pieces are decent *fingers crossed*, I’ll post the results.

In the meantime, here is a song I will leave with you by The Magnetic Fields.

I plan to see them in concert next week.  Perhaps that will give me a reason to write another post…

Oh, the pressure!

We’ll see.



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6 responses to “Tammy, Interrupted

  1. I remember you! LOL!
    I haven’t been posting either. Good to see you!

  2. Life can bowl you over when you least expect it; hang in there! Best wishes for a happy recovery 🙂


  3. HOOORAY! You’re BACK! I’ve misssseeeeeed you.

    What’s all this about mysterious mending? You have broken something, have you? I hope it’s just your pride (though that sometimes heals less quickly).

    SO GLAD you’re back!!

    • Thanks!! I missed you just as much! 🙂

      Yes, something was broken. I wish it was my pride or even a bone. Only time heals this sort of thing.

      It’s good to be back! Hopefully, there won’t be anymore interruptions.

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