The bucket list

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A bucket list.

What exactly is a bucket list, anyway?  Basically, it’s a list of things you want to do before you die or “kick the bucket.” How many people actually sit down to compose such a thing?  Maybe there are people who live out their “bucket list” daily just by doing everything they want to do, regardless.

I admire those types of people. 

There are many things I would like to do or achieve at some point in my life. I know I’m not getting any younger, but most of my interests involve physical achievements.  My mind is there, but I need to be motivated more to get my body on board.

What if I wrote a bucket list?

I think I’ll give it a try.

Tammy’s bucket list:

1. Run a marathon.  I’m the one who reads a copy of Runner’s World magazine at the doctor’s office.  I’m not a runner; although, I’d like to be.  I almost started training back during the summer.  Instead of buying a good pair of running shoes, I invested in a month to work in a pottery studio – no regrets there.  I have always admired those “13.1” stickers on the backs of peoples cars.  Anyone can be dishonest and stick one on their car,  I want to earn mine.

2. Go on a bike tour.   I envy the cyclists I pass on the road.  They are normally out on beautiful, sunny days.  I think, “I should be doing that, not going to the grocery store.”  I want to gear up and hop on an aluminum frame bike and go where they are going.

3. Swim like an Olympian.  Okay, maybe not swim that well, but I would love to have more endurance.  I love to watch swimmers glide through the water and make it look effortless.  My swimming ability is mediocre, but I think I could survive and not drown if I were in that situation.  I was never taught how to dive, either.  Is it too late for a 40 year old to learn to dive?

4.  Travel and backpack throughout parts of Europe.  I knew a mother and daughter who did that, and it sounded like such an amazing adventure.  They rode trains, stayed in cheap lofts and cooked their daily rations in their kitchenette.   They were able to experience more by living simply (eating mostly beans) and sticking to the rural country areas, rather than the busy touristy cities.  Wow!  I could definitely do that!

5.  Visit the caves in Lascaux, France.  The caves are famous for their paleolithic cave paintings.  My ceramics professor visited those caves in the early 90’s.  After he returned, he was a changed man.  He even had his license plate personalized with the word “LASCAUX”.  I admired my ceramics professor so much. I think if I visited the Lascaux caves, I would have a life altering experience, as well.  Doesn’t everyone desire something monumental in their life?

So, there you have it – my bucket list. My dreams to be challenge physically, travel through Europe, and experience something life changing.

How I will go about pursuing any of this is beyond me, but at least I can say I now have a bucket list.



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4 responses to “The bucket list

  1. Good for you! Making a bucket list is more than I’ve done. I hope you manage all 5- and more!

  2. My bucket list involves visiting places more than accomplishing anything … other than visiting places.
    If I do everything on my bucket list, I will get a t-shirt that says “I am accomplished”.

    • How many more places are on your list to visit? You can mark of Japan, right?

      Now, I’m going to be on the lookout for a t-shirt that says, “I am accomplished”.

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