The Versatile Blogger Award

A couple of weeks ago, I was awarded The Versatile Blogger Award.  Many thanks to The Daily Dish for choosing my blog to be worthy of this award.  I guess I have to admit that I don’t have a reoccurring theme, I write about anything.   Being versatile can be a good thing.

The rules of ‘The Versy’ require I reveal 7 unknown facts about myself.  This was a tough task for me.  Seven unknown facts?  Can it just be three or four?  To help me get started, I asked my husband and son what they would say if they had to tell someone else about me.  Even they had trouble coming up with seven.  My son said that I am nice and I cook his favorite foods.  Hmmm.  Thanks, but that’s not what I was looking for.  Then, my husband said I am frugal, focused, follow things through, and I have sensitive teeth.  Uh- all facts, but he didn’t help either.  Besides, I’m certain I’ve written about those facts here on my blog.

After much thinking, I came up with 7 Unknown Facts.  Some are personal and some are not, but here goes:

1. Many people have a disorder, disease or illness.  Well, I have mine, too. It’s called Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.  And if that isn’t enough, add Raynaud’s Phenomenon and rheumatoid arthritis  to make it more interesting.  It all sounds very serious and in many ways it is, or was in my case.  Thankfully, my “ism” (as I call it) doesn’t afflict me anymore, but the MCTD lets me know it is still around by showing up in my blood work.  The Raynaud’s is milder in my older years than when I was younger, and the RA is in remission (as long as I stay on my medication and exercise.)

I was diagnosed at age 18 and had no problems throughout my young adult life as long as I took my meds.  Shortly after getting married in 1995, I stopped my meds to get pregnant and stayed off them throughout my childbearing years.  All the while, the RA progressed and I lived in constant debilitating pain from the inflammation that attacked my body – for 13 excruciating years! Yeah, it was really awful!  While I tried other medications that were “safer” to use during pregnancy, they either weren’t effective or I was allergic. By my late 30’s, my hands and wrists were already moderately damaged by the inflammation.  When my 8 year-old son had to help me tie my shoes,  I knew I needed to consider my present quality of  life and my future.  In 2007, I made the heart-wrenching decision to give up on having another child so I could go back on my medication, Plaquenil.   This medication gave me back my life! After taking it for several months,  the inflammation disappeared and the pain was gone.  Being pain-free was remarkable and liberating, yet it was foreign to me.  So foreign that it took me and entire year to get use to living daily without pain.  My mind and body had been conditioned to live and function within so many boundaries.  Finally, my abilities were limitless.  I could do anything with ease, open jars, pick up baskets, and shake someone’s hand without any dread.  Certain things are not so easy, such as yoga, but I make modifications.  Being able to throw clay on the potter’s wheel again was a major accomplishment.  After years of thinking I could never use my hands again, I could finally say that I beat it.  As one can imagine, getting my health back was a triumphant period.

2. I have a high tolerance for pain. (see above).

3. I am an only child and the last person to carry on my dad’s family name.  Makes me wish I had given my maiden name to my son.

4. We have a new dog.  I swore I’d never have another dog after our Bodie died in March 2010.  Here’s the thing…we didn’t go looking for this dog, he came looking for us. Literally. Look for a post soon about our new doggie, Biscuit.  He is heaven-sent!

5. Greek culture and all things Greek fascinate me.  I love Greek food, Greek art, Greek architecture, and ancient Greece. OPA!  I think Greek people are the most attractive people in the world. I wish I was Greek. I even considered converting to Greek Orthodox, but some of their beliefs were…complicated.

6.  All my shoes are either brown or black. My flip-flops are brown or black.  Even my slippers are black.  I have a pair of green Columbia canvas shoes, and I hardly ever wear them.  When I wear them my feet feel “loud”.  Weird, I know.

7. I hate canned green peas. Actually, hate isn’t a strong enough word, I loathe canned green peas.  They make me sick just to smell them. My husband loves them and will eat them right out of the can.  YUCK! If I must eat green peas, I can only tolerate fresh ones that are sparsely scattered in a salad.  But if they are cooked and mushy – NO WAY!

There it is!  Seven unknown facts about me.   But wait, it isn’t over.

The rules of ‘The Versy’ state that I must pass the award on to 5 other bloggers. This part is easy as my place in the blogoshpere is kind of small. Chances are if you read my blog regularly or occasionally, you are very likely a winner. 🙂

Good in Parts…“S. Le” is a quirky British librarian worker who enjoys drinking coffee. She writes about her home, family, cats, work, food, and anything in between.  I admire her bravery to name her children, Art Major, Benny the Troll, and Cute Daughter.  She is so clever and unusual!

Jean Has Been Shopping Jean blogs about her family, their awesome vacations, and makes Photoshopping look so easy.  Her vlogs are fun to watch, too.  I just know hanging out and shopping with Jean would be an adventure.

I Am The Cheese  Planetross is a Canadian living in Japan who is gifted with creatively using words and wordplay in his posts.  He never ceases to amaze me with the combinations of words he uses.  His writing (usually accompanied by a single photograph) will motivate you to think of things you never would have thought.  Planetross was right when he said, “I’m not trying to make people think … I’m trying to make people think like me. hee hee!”

The Girl from the Ghetto.  All I can say is this girl from the ghetto rocks!  Not only does she read a gazillion books in an entire month, but she devotes time to write an excellent review.  Amazing!  Her reviews are so fantastic, she encourages even me to read, and I read two to three books annually at best!   Please, someone give this woman a job to write book reviews!  GG is also up on the latest in pop-culture, television, and my favorite – reality show celebrities.

Aarti Paarti Aarti Sequeira’s food blog and cooking videos were popular before she won The Next Food Network Star.  I enjoy watching her cooking show on Food Network, but I love her more – simply because of her blog.  Her delicious recipes and personal writing style keep me coming back to see what she is doing next. In addition to food, Aarti often writes about life, her husband, and most importantly, God. Her honesty about her Creator is what I admire most about her.  She is so inspiring!

At last, my duties as a Versatile Blogger award winner are fulfilled.

Thanks again for the award, Christy and congrats to all my winners!



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16 responses to “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Hooray! Thanks so much for playing along, Tammy! I truly enjoyed reading your facts. Greek culture, who knew?! I feel the very same way about India. And the green shoes, too funny. I just got a pair of green boots for my birthday. I will tell them to keep it down! Lol

  2. Tammy, thank you for sharing your struggle w mctd. I can’t imagine how awful that must have been, how difficult to make the decision to forgo another child to get back on the meds. So glad to hear health has returned. And love biscuit! Such a cutie. Looking forward to hearing the story.

    • Coming up with 7 unknown facts was a challenge, but I’m glad I did it. I wanted to share my struggle with my”ism” because it is the biggest unknown fact I have. Maybe I’ll be able to encourage someone else by doing so.

      Oh, Biscuit is a sweetheart! I can’t believe I have a dog again.

  3. Congratulations on your well-deserved award!
    Thank you for honoring me with The Versatile Blogger Award too!
    Those seven facts are going to be difficult to come up with. Maybe my girls and hubby will give me a hand too. 🙂

  4. PS – Hi Biscuit! Can’t wait to hear about you!

  5. I loathe green peas from a can too! I like fresh ones or frozen ones: I used to eat the frozen ones straight from the bag, until I was busted by my mother.
    Biscuit looks cool: I like that brand of dog.
    I’m glad all your medical troubles are under control, in remission, or not bothering you.
    Congratulations on the award and passing it along my way.

    note: I liked your write-up about my blog. I wish I wasn’t me, so I could check out what I was up to … or would it work like that?

    • I can’t imagine eating frozen green peas, but I use to do the same with frozen strawberries, until my grandmother busted me.

      I’m glad all my medical woes are behind me, too. It feels good being a new me.

      Writing about each blogger I picked was fairly easy. I hope the other’s like their write-ups, too.

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  7. Gosh, thanks! I haven’t got an award of any sort for ages!

    Thanks also for sharing your medical journey. You are a testament to resilience!

    What a cute wee doggie! I’m looking forward to reading future posts about him.

    • Watch my blog next Wednesday for my Versatile Blogger post!

      • You are very welcome for the award!

        I never really had a reason to share my medical condition on my blog, but “The Versy” specified to name a fact that was unknown. It is easy to write about something when you are at the end of the journey.

        This week has been crazy! No doggie post yet, but the weekend looks promising.

        Can’t wait to read your post next Wednesday!

  8. I am so glad Jean mentioned that you gave me this award, because somehow I missed that you honored me with this award. Thank you so much for thinking of me, and for demanding that someone give me a job writing book reviews. I love knowing that I inspire you to read more–that truly makes my day!

    I have also forgotten that you have R.A., Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and R.P. Shame on me, but now that I know this again, I will think of you every time I bitch silently about my own RA, RP and Connective Tissue Disease. (The RP is new for me, yeah!) Heck yes you have a high tolerance for pain! I am so glad your medication works and you can get back into life. I KNOW how hard it is to suffer stupid things like not being able to tie shoes, or, in my case, I have the hardest time opening a bag of chips. (Perhaps that is a sign?)

    I love that you only wear brown and black shoes. I’m almost there, except I also like to wear blue shoes. Shoes in all sorts of weird colors isn’t for me, either!

    • Of course, you came to mind for the award. Though, others have already awarded it to you, but you deserve every one!

      I think I mentioned my condition to you in a comment because you and I have many things in common. “I feel your pain.” Really. I’m so glad my medication works. Sadly, some are not that lucky. Oh, and opening a bag of chips! I forgot about that! There were countless things I couldn’t do easily…like grab a hold of the receipt from the tape dispenser at the pay-at-the-pump gas stations. UGH! Those days were horrible!

      I failed to mention my collection of black and brown handbags to match my shoes. Yes, I am a dork!

  9. Elizabeth

    I came across this post and it’s interesting to read about some of your health struggles. I was just told that I need to see a Rheumatologist because it looks like I have Raynaud’s. I just thought I had cold hands but they have begun to ache.

    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the comment. Constantly having cold hands can be difficult to live with. When my hands get very cold, “thawing” can be very painful. Even wearing gloves aren’t very helpful. There are medications that increase the circulation in your hands. Biofeedback worked for me for a time, but I’ve lost practice. Good luck with finding a Rheumatologist.

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