Catching up – Pottery unveiled

The summer is almost behind me.  I am anxious to share the awesome experiences we had with our Japanese exchange student this summer.  He went back to Japan over a week ago.  Since then, I have been catching up on things before our school starts back .   Before I write a post sharing the details about our exchangee, I wanted to first follow-up on the results of the pottery I made back in July. 

Beginning at the end of June, I had an opportunity to work in a pottery studio for a month.   This was a big deal to me, as I had not faithfully worked on the wheel in almost 18 years.  I was so excited to begin working on my wheel throwing technique.  Each week (week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4), I wrote a post about my experience and showed some examples of the pots I made.   

In the middle of July, tragedy struck my husband’s family and my priorities were rearranged.   After a week-long set-back, I was able to resume working at the studio.  But by the time my month was over, the excitement I had in the beginning was replaced with  impatience…to finish up my work and move on.  

My pots were glaze fired at the end of July, but I didn’t have any spare time to take photographs.  I finally photographed them today, and I am eager to share the results.  

Three stacking green bowls. 

The inside of the green bowls.

This pot has a salt-buff glaze resulting in a rough texture and an organic look.  It is different, but I like it.  

Pot with spanish red glaze and white glaze overlay.

Small pot with spanish red glaze.

The spanish red glaze over the white glaze on these two pots resembles a soft cappuccino color.

These plates and trays were made from slabs.  The two round plates were molded from a salad plate.  The two rectangular trays on the bottom right were molded from a black foam produce tray.   All have the spanish red glaze.










The imprints on the rim of the plates were made by scratching a fork and pressing the end of an orange juicer.  The imprint on the trays were made with a plastic mesh used for gutters.  

Some of my pots were completely ruined in the glaze firing.  Losing a few  was expected, but most survived and were successful.  I am pleased with the outcome and my overall experience. I can’t complain.  I think I got my money’s worth. 🙂



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10 responses to “Catching up – Pottery unveiled

  1. Your pottery is absolutely gorgeous! I love it all! Ingenius with how you patterned the plates and tray.

    • Thank you!! Funny thing is my close-up photography makes the pots look larger than they really are. I forgot about how much the clay shrinks with each firing. I plan on making more of the trays. They are so easy to make! And perfect for serving sushi. 🙂

  2. Did your exchange student’s creation make it through the fire glazing?

    All the stuff looks cool!
    I like the idea of making something in a foam tray shape.
    … like bad roast beef: well done!!!

    • I haven’t returned to the studio since the day we took him there. I need to call and check on it. It has probably been bisqued but not glazed.

      Some potters use a small pillow to mold the clay into a tray-like shape then sell them for $95! And people buy them! I think using the foam trays could turn into something lucrative.

  3. Tammy, these are AMAZING!!!!!!!

    All of them are so beautiful, and the textures are stunning. But I am wedded to green and those stacking bowls are something I’d pay dearly for. WELL DONE, my friend!!!

    Can’t wait to hear about your exchange student. So cool!

    • Thank you!! There was a fourth green bowl, but the glaze ran down the side. I can’t use it, but I’m glad I have the other three.

      I plan to soon blog about our month with the exchange student. He was an amazing kid! I have always loved Japanese culture, and I have even more respect for them now.

  4. Jennifer

    Your work turned out gorgeous! I am so happy that you had this opportunity and that you could be so productive and successful with it. The pots and trays are warm and inviting and simply lovely 🙂


    • Jennifer, thank you so much! I’m so glad we visited the studio together, and that you encouraged me to sign up. It was a dream to work there. Maybe I’ll get to do it again…someday.

  5. Beautifully done! I especially like the orange juicer pattern and the mesh pattern on the tray. V nice! Love the glaze colour as well. Good all ’round! Brava!

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