Demonstration and preview: Week 4

Last day at the studio.

My time at the studio has come to an end.  My family and I, along with our Japanese exchange student, drove to the studio yesterday to pick up my finished pieces.  I haven’t had time to take picutres of them.  I hope to do that during the next week or so.  In the meantime, here is a photo of a pot that turned out nicely.

One thing I had forgotten about was how much ceramics shrink after the glaze firing.   The coffee mug my husband made is now fit for tea, not coffee.

I had planned to return to the studio when our Japanese student would be with us.  I wanted to take the time to demonstrate to him how to throw clay on a potter’s wheel.

I typed out my own instructions on wheel throwing in English, and then translated it to Japanese using Google Translate.  I printed a copy to use to teach him.  My experience so far with using the Google translating tool hasn’t been 100% accurate, but I believe he understood me well enough.

My son also had another opportunity to throw on the wheel again.

I guided him along the process so his experience would be a successful one.  He did very well and I think he enjoyed his first time working on the wheel.

Next, his bowl will be bisqued and I will return to the studio at a later date to glaze it for him.  He will likely have already returned to Japan after it has been glazed fired.  I plan to ship it him when it is finished.  I’m sure it will be a small reminder of his time at the studio and his stay with us.

Funny how something so small could mean so much.



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10 responses to “Demonstration and preview: Week 4

  1. Tammy, your pot is *so* lovely!! You have such an amazing gift. And I love the photos with the boys. Sharing your talent and self w/ them in this way will be something they remember and (I think) cherish all their lives. Well done, my friend. I hope you’re all enjoying your time together! I’m sure you’re very busy!

  2. Great work–I wish I could do pottery. If you make enough pottery, you should sell them on your blog.

  3. That pot is lovely! The glaze is so pretty. Well done you!

  4. I’m sure when your exchange/homestay student gets his pot he will be really happy.
    Any Japanese kid who’s gone on a homestay usually remembers going to supermarkets and seeing amazing amounts of weird foreign food in supersized/economy boxes/tins/buckets/packages of stuff.

    • That’s funny that you mentioned the supermarkets. I took him shopping (he had a list) and he purchased $26 worth of sour gummy worms, Starburst candies, and beef jerk. He didn’t take pictures there, but he took pictures of the Japanese food at the local Asian grocery store. Seeing familiar foods made him happy. I bought him some Japanese soda and Udon noodles.

  5. Your homestay student probably won’t like rootbeer or black licorice either. I’ve given both to students and they all say the stuff tastes like medicine. He may like Cracker Jacks though.

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