Glazing: Week 3

Returning to the pottery studio was different than the other times I had been there.  I felt rushed and I was there only long enough to glaze my pots.  Anyhow, I want to share my third week in the studio, as well as some other thoughts and good news at the end.

As I mentioned in my last post, I would not be able to visit the studio often this week.  In fact, I have only been once.  Today.  I glazed my final batch of pots that had been bisqued.

The glaze room:  a simple plastic table and glazes stored in five-gallon buckets.

A row of pots:  I lined up my pots to number them and make notes as to what glazes were used and how they were applied. See notebook on left. 😉

The final two:  Below are two of my most ambitious pieces.  Both were dipped into three different glazes.  The layering of the glazes will bring out different results.  I have no idea what those results will be, but I hope it looks nice…’er decent.

All or most of my pieces will be glazed fired over the weekend.   I am not sure when I will pick them up, but I hope it will be sometime within the next week.

My time at the studio was filled with mixed emotions.  In the beginning, I was very enthusiastic about working on the wheel again.  Eighteen years had passed since I last threw clay.  My first two weeks were very productive.  Then, we received dreadful news that my husband’s 18-year-old cousin died in a car crash.  Thankfully, the other two passengers survived, but it has been difficult to accept that Cody is really gone.  He was a wonderful young man and a star athlete.

Cody will always be remembered for winning the Class 1A state title in the 300 meter hurdles this past May.  Click the photo of  Cody to see an interview with him right after he won that race.

At this point,  I am eager to pick up my pieces when they are finished and move on.  I enjoyed my time at the studio, but sometimes life throws (pun) you a curve and what you thought was important – really wasn’t.  Hug your kids and tell them you love them.  We are never promised tomorrow.

Since returning from Cody’s memorial, I have been getting my house in order for our visitor on Sunday.  We are going to host a Japanese exchange student for a month!  This has been in the works for many months and it is our first time hosting.  We are excited, yet a little nervous.  His mother told me he knows very little English. To make matters worse, our ability to speak Japanese is laughable.  We have a phrase book and Japanese/English dictionary…we’ll see how it goes.  Regardless of the language barriers, we are anticipating to let this be a good experience for us all.

After our exchange student has arrived and is settled, I hope to write about his stay. Until then…wish us luck!



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11 responses to “Glazing: Week 3

  1. OH, have a wonderful time with the exchange student. That is sure to be an adventure.
    Your pots look lovely in this stage.
    I’m really so very sorry about your husband’s cousin. He looked so full of life… so much promise. 😦

    • Hosting the exchange student will definitely be an adventure!
      I’ll post pics of my pots in a follow up post, hoping they don’t embarrass me. But I have less control over the glaze than I do throwing them.

      Thank you for your sweet comment about Cody. He was so loved and will be dearly missed.

  2. I can’t say how terribly sorry I am to hear of Cody’s death. May God grant your family peace and closure – especially his parents.

    Your work looks superb Tammy! I cannot wait to see the finished products. Perhaps you’ll host a giveaway for one lucky winner???? Better yet, give them away as Christmas presents to your family. What a spectacular talent.

    • Cody’s family is in good spirits and take one day at a time. I know it is hard for them. I can’t even imagine what they are going through.

      A giveway sounds interesting. I’ll have to consider that. 😉 I don’t have enough to give as presents to family, but I may try to make more in the fall. I’m not sure if the talent is spectacular, but it is about the only one I have.

  3. PS: GOOD LUCK w/ your student!! What a wonderful adventure for you all. One of my best friends is Japanese and I absolutely adore the culture. Hope your son enjoys the experience — perhaps he can visit there too?

    • OH! We are having a great time! My son is thoroughly enjoying having him here. Watching them play Lego Creationary was very interesting. It really helps develop their communication with each other. And it is neat to hear him call me mom.

  4. Lovely potting!
    So sad about your cousin!
    I’d be dreadfully nervous about hosting a non-English speaking student. good luck to you!

    • Thank you S!
      The language barrier is not as bad as I thought it would be. In many ways, boys are the same no matter what country they are from. 😉

  5. Your pots look good! I’d like 3 glazes on my donuts, but so far I haven’t found those shops yet.
    Apologies for not leaving a comment for a while; your blog seems to be at the cut off point of how many I can peruse before dinner is ready … or something happens.
    I have read all your recent entries non-recently, if it’s any consolation.

    As a teenager, I remember people my own age dying and thinking what a waste.
    I still think that, but somehow differently now that I’m not a teenager anymore.

    • Thanks! My 3 glaze technique actually looks more like two glazes. Only I know there are really 3 glazes there.
      No apologies. Dinner should come before most everything. 😉

      Why do the people who want to live die and the people who want to die keep on living?

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