Throwing: Week 1

FYI-my background is in ceramics.  More can be read about it in a post I wrote back in 2008.

My first week in the pottery studio went very well.  The studio is an amazing place.  If I could imagine working in a pottery studio, I would imagine this one.  It is located in a small downtown area on a quiet street.  The building was once a store or business.  All the furniture, chairs, tables and cabinets were donated from an old bank.  The converted studio has an artsy vibe conducive for creating – lots of clay dust everywhere.

I am the only one there on most days, and I can work without any distractions.

Day 1:  Working on the wheel again was  like riding a bike – that was a good thing.  The bad part was I didn’t make any pots because the clay was too hard.  To soften the clay for next time, I put it in an air-tight container, sprayed with mist, covered with a wet towel and then with a plastic bag and covered with the lid.  The clay should be ready when I return.

Day 2:  Successful day!  The clay had softened quite a bit and I made five small pots.

Day 3:  Daniel and Ian visited the studio with me, and I showed them how to throw.  They had never thrown clay on a wheel and both did very well.

Left to right:  Ian’s snack bowl, my pot, Daniel’s mug.

Day 4:  Another great day.  I added shape to the pots using a wooden rib.  I threw four pots that day.

The hour drive to the studio is turning out to not be so bad after all.  I’m listening to a lot of music and doing a lot of thinking – two things I don’t make enough time for.

One week down, three more to go.



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6 responses to “Throwing: Week 1

  1. Well done! Nice pots. Art Major loved doing ceramics in uni. He took it twice just so he could make more stuff! (that door is lovely and looks like it should be part of an old cottage)

  2. Thanks, S. I just love that door. It definately adds to the uniqueness of the place.

  3. I am so happy for you – and not a little jealous! 😉 I’ve wanted to do pottery for years but haven’t taken a class since high school. I was pretty terrible then, too. Your pots are so lovely and perfect. Your son’s and husband’s are great too! You must be a wonderful instructor. I am just so, so happy for you, Tammy. Can’t wait to see what you make next!

    • Christy, you are so sweet! Thanks!
      You should look into taking a class. I bet your girls would like it, too.

      I have to admit, I not only instructed them, but I “helped” just a teeny bit. Most of the pot is their work, I just helped keep it centered. Nothing is more disappointing than a warped pot.

  4. Those are some pretty good pots!

    One of my sisters used to make stuff out of clay: I’m not sure why she stopped. I’ll have to ask her.

    Driving usually gives me time to commute with myself … or something like that … or just be silent … I guess that’s why “mute” is in that word.

    • Thanks!

      I bet your sister had the distractor beam shining on her.

      I did a lot of commuting with myself. I got to know me a little better. There were some mute moments, but not many.

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