Oh Gregory!

I have not purchased stamps from my local Post Office in months.  I normally buy them from my mail carrier when he delivers my mail. 

Today, I visited the Post Office to purchase stamps.

The postal worker behind the counter asked me which stamps I wanted. The variety of stamps were encased in a glass-covered frame on the wall to my right.  Hmmm. So many to choose from nowadays.  I was a little impatient.  I just wanted stamps without a lot of decision making.   Like buying toothpaste.   At first glance at eye level, I noticed Ronald Reagan.  I like most things Presidential and I said, “The Ronald Reagan ones would be nice.” 


I looked a little higher and there was Gregory Peck.  I immediately corrected myself and said, “Oh!  Gregory Peck would be better!” 

In a moment, I was completely star-struck just staring at the Gregory Peck stamps.  I couldn’t even think to carry out my transaction.  I caught myself and apologized for being so…smitten over a picture of Gregory Peck on a stamp!

Good grief!  I think I even blushed!

The postal worker just giggled. 

So yeah, I have always had a teeny-tiny crush on Mr. Peck. 

Blame it on Roman Holiday



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6 responses to “Oh Gregory!

  1. I’d choose Gregory Peck over Ronald Reagan on a stamp too.
    A person can get their own face printed on stamps in Japan at some Post Offices. I haven’t done it yet because I haven’t actually mailed a letter in years.

  2. … I wouldn’t put Gregory Peck in my header though.
    That sounds dirty somehow for some reason. hee hee!

    • Those Japanese stamps sound cool. I think there is something like that here. The postal system is so sophisticated now.

      Yeah, the word Peck, especially in a last name, isn’t very desirable. Kind of like Marvin Gay or Anthony Weiner.

      • That is so cool that you can print your own stamps! Sort of like printing your own message on your choice of colored M & M’s. What will they think of next?!

  3. LOL!! LOVE that you were so smitten by the photos you lost your train of thought! That’s hysterical and cute beyond words. PS: I think you should buy an extra sheet and frame them. Just because.

    • Hee hee! I can’t believe that happened to me. I saved one of the stamps and put it in a special place and dated it. Just because. 😉

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