Backseat driver

Here, you see a  stuffed crow “doll” in the backseat of this car.

No, I’m not making this up.

There is a stuffed crow doll in the backseat of this car!

I’m not sure why this “doll” in so conspicuously placed in this car and wearing a seatbelt at that! 

Lucky for me, the owner of the car (and crow doll) walked into the store before me, prompting me to take a photo quickly.  Did I invade his privacy?    Yes, I said “his” privacy.

So, when you are annoyed with backseat drivers, remember you could be the type of person who buckles up a crow doll in the backseat.

I wonder if he argues with the crow doll while he is driving…

Are you a backseat driver?

What is the strangest thing you have ever seen that you took a picture  of or wish you had taken a picture?



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7 responses to “Backseat driver

  1. That is so odd! My mind has gone blank. You win, hands down!

    • I had to take a double look, but thought it was too bizarre to question “why?” I just took a picture so my husband would believe me.

  2. Do you have a restricted “fast lane” near you on the highway — requiring 2 or more passengers? If so, I’d hazard a guess Mr. Crow Doll doesn’t mind a fib.

    Weirdest thing I’ve seen in a car? Guy dressed to the nines as a clown. I missed the opportunity to take his picture b/c I was also driving. He must have been on his way to work (as a clown). There’s also a local car plastered front to stern w/ Boston Red Sox stickers, etc. I know where they work (I’ve driven by several times) and am tempted to stop sometime and snap a pic.

    • There are no restricted fast lanes anywhere in our state. If I weren’t so prone to speculate, I would suspect a grandchild wanted Mr. Crow buckled in beside him/her. BUT The man was odd, and I stood at distance from him in the line inside the store. He was creepy!

      Seeing a clown driving would be hilarious! I hope you get of photo of the Boston Red Sox mobile.

      • That IS odd – hopefully he’s not using it as a lure? Please God.

        I will def. take a snap of the car when I go past next time. Just have to be discreet (though once you see this car, there’s nothing discreet about it!!)


  3. The crow is probably just safety conscious, that’s all. Unless of course the crow is just a costume on a dead body or something, hiding in plain sight.

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