Little birdies

Observing nature, especially birds,  is one my favorite things to do.  I keep my camera close by because I enjoy catching them in the act, whether they are perched on something around my deck, or taking a dip in my bird bath.  Along with the bird bath, we provide feeders and birdhouses so we can view them more closely.  There are also plenty of woods surrounding our house to attract birds and provide  natural habits for them.  I have located a few birds’ nests that I check on periodically to watch the newly born baby birds.   BUT as much as I enjoy birding, I vow to NEVER become one of those “bird” ladies (no offense to any bird ladies out there).  You know, those “older” women who wear bird-themed clothing or carry bags with bird-themes on them. In fact, everything in their wardrobe has birds on it!  I love my cats, too, and I vow to never become a “cat” lady (no offense to any cat ladies).  

With that being said, I want a clear understanding here at the tesserae,  that though I may write posts about birds, DO NOT think I am a bird lady.  I just enjoy birds and like to photograph them.  Period. 

Now that I have that out-of-the-way, I would like to share some of my most recent photos of some baby birds. 🙂

This fledgling chickadee looks so cute with its unkempt fluffy feathers.

The baby chickadee takes a drink and a little splash.

Catbird eggs look similar to robin eggs, but they are a deeper jewel-tone blue.

These baby catbirds hatched just a few days ago.

One baby catbird lifted its head after I moved the branch a little. I guess it expected its moma with something to eat.

*UPDATE - photo taken May 25, 2011



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8 responses to “Little birdies

  1. I don’t wear themed clothing of any sort – but does bird poop count? If so I AM A BIRD LADY.

    LOVE the pix! I too enjoy bird watching – in my case, far more than most things. We’ve been seeing some amazing birds here this spring. Hummingbirds, an oriole, and more. !!!!

    • Bird poop doesn’t count because I’m sure you don’t “wear” it for long. 😉

      Oh, I would love to see an oriole.

      I have seen only one hummingbird. He never returned after I hung up nectar feeder.

      Notice the updated photo in the post. The image is blurry due to my shaky hand.

  2. Fantastic photos! Those eggs are such a rich colour!

  3. A true “bird lady” would have wrote “my baby chikadee” or “my baby catbirds” … so you are off the hook.
    Great photos.

    note: do bird ladies Twitter? hee hee!

  4. Selena

    Do baby catbirds drink? I hope you know because we accidently cut a tree down with them in it… the momma dint make it, but the babies did! im trying to take care of them myself. they cant fly yet, but are larger babies…hopefully you can help! thanks (;

    • Hi Selena, I’m not much help when it comes to raising wild birds. I would guess that they eat worms or small insects. When I accidentally shook the tree, the baby birds raised their heads with opened beaks thinking it was their mother. Good luck!

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