The accidental slugger

Easter Sunday, we spent the day with my husband’s family.  After lunch, we all went outside to play softball with a Nerf bat and some Nerf balls.  The weather was beautiful with the sun shining and the warm breeze, a perfect day to enjoy the afternoon together.

Most everyone had a turn batting, and then someone asked me if I wanted a turn, and I said sure.  I had recorded the others hitting the ball and so my husband, Daniel, took the camera to record me.  I am not sure what they all expected to see, but I obviously surprised them, especially Daniel.  You see, in my mind, I was just hitting the ball, but no one else could believe that I was ACTUALLY hitting the ball!!   I guess they did not think that I had it in me.  

While I batted, Daniel commented that the balls had his name on them, as to suggest that I was hitting them to get out all of my frustration.  It is no secret to Daniel, or his family, that I have to tolerate his antagonistic behavior and constant sarcasm.  For years, I have warned his parents that some day, I will give him back, but they have repeatedly said that there is no way they will take him.  They say Daniel is all mine with no returns…antics and all.

In the video, you will hear Daniel laughing and my many mutterings as I joke about “suffering” through his being home for over a month recovering from carpel tunnel surgery.  Some of my comments are inaudible, but you can faintly hear me mutter things like:

“…being at home for a WHOLE month!”  


“…watch another Fred Flintstone DVD!”  (Meaning I was tired of seeing the Flintstones on the TV every time I walked into the living room.)

One time I said something about “sitting around reading Star Trek books!”, but I don’t think that remark was heard very well.

Another time, my son called out, “MOM!” as to distract me in which I said, “Don’t wreck my groove!”  I jokingly mocked him because it is just like him to ask me about something while I am busy. 

Anyhow, the video is short but long enough to get a good laugh or a chuckle out of one or the both of us.  One thing is for sure, Daniel’s laugh is contagious. 🙂



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8 responses to “The accidental slugger

  1. AHH! Tammy, the video is marked ‘private’ so I can’t watch it! Wah! I was getting excited to hear the jeering. Hahahh

  2. Yikes!! I forgot that I blocked it until the day this posted! I’ll fix it immediately.
    Please check back again to view it. ;-}

  3. YAY! I’m back and could watch it this time!!

    First of all, your southern accents are all so cute! How sweet a lil southern drawl is. Makes life slow down and seem more fun. Love it!

    Second, you are QUITE the batter, Ms. Tammy!! Methinks a home run derby is in order at the next family gathering. A+

    • Funny thing that we never think about our southern accents until someone else points it out. Thanks for thinking it is cute.
      Life is slower-paced “down this way”. Maybe it is because the weather is so hot! LOL

      HA! I can swing the bat, but I won’t be as impressive if I am expected to run.

  4. There just isn’t enuf nerf stuff!

    You could be in a professional Nerf softball league!

    • Is there a professional Nerf softball league?
      Sign me up!

      I’m glad they called it Nerf; otherwise, I would be playing on the Non-Expanding Recreational Foam softball league. hee hee!

  5. You have quite the swing! Way to connect! Go batter!
    LOL @ your aggressions.

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