7 responses to “Hiking, digging and planting

  1. Oh I love ferns!! We have so many of them in our backyard – they seem to thrive here naturally on their own. There is something to be said for effortless gardening!

    That white puff ball thing is so cooool!!! I wonder what it could be?!!

    PS: Congrats on your husband’s recovery. I’m sure it’s been fun being together, but maybe even nicer being apart — LOL

    • I researched and found out the white puff ball is called a wool sower gall. I added a link by clicking on one of the pictures above.

      Yeah, hubby is now back to work. It was fun having the month together. We did many things that we don’t normal get to do, such as camping and hiking.
      I can say that I am glad that the TV is finally off for a good part of the day. 😉

  2. I also love ferns and live in a woods. Gotta get me more ferns!! I actually like the snake. The difficult bits of keeping one is feeding them and keeping them away from our cats.

    Lovely photos!

    • Thanks! Our ferns appear to have adapted well…so far.
      Yeah, I don’t think our cats would have gotten along well with the snake.


  3. Sometimes when I’m driving in the countryside around here, I see people crawling out of the woods with little sacks of things. I always wonder what they are harvesting, going to transplant, or finding in the woods.
    I’m sure if you lived over here, I’d see you one day. hee hee!

    note: I think I liked plants as a kid; ignored them for years; and now am starting to get interested in them again. I don’t think I’m alone.

    note: I’ve soiled myself: I bought 5 bags of soil for a new garden experiment to appearing soon on the blog! hee hee!

    double note: it’s not really an experiment though.

    • I think I’m off note in my previous comment.

      • planetross, I normally don’t transplant so many things. It is usually the rocks that I’m interested in. There were so many rocks that I saw that I couldn’t bring back. It was sad. Maybe next time.

        If I lived there, and you saw me crawling out of the woods with little sacks of thing…I think this would be a bad thing.

        I can’t remember how my liking plants all started, as a seed maybe. But it has definitely grown on me.

        I’ll be looking for the post about you soiling yourself. Are you sure you want to write about that? hee hee!

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