Happy Easter!

Easter blessings to everyone! 

I apologize for being away from blogging for so long, but I haven’t had much time to write any posts.  I have enjoyed reading and commenting on other’s blogs, but “circumstances” seemed to have gotten in the way of me composing a decent post.

Here are a few of the excuses circumstances

  • Husband has been at home since the end of March recovering from carpel tunnel surgery.  It is hard to explain how his being home 24/7 has interupted my normal routine, but it has.  He is expected to return to work sometime in early May. 
  • I spent part of my spring break out of town with an old college friend.   This was only for 3 days.  Not a very good excuse, I know, but it was fun. 
  • I was stricken with poison ivy again.  Not that it was a hinderance with writing a post, but just annoying.  Fortunately, the rash was no where near as bad as the rash I had back in the summer.  (Note to self: Must learn to stay away from the right section of my backyard.)
  • We have been taking advantage of husband being at home during his recovery by going on a few extra field trips during the week. 
  • And, of course, I cannot forget homeschooling.

The kitchen timer has just gone off and I am off to dye Easter eggs! 

Happy Easter!



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8 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. It’s good to see you! Happy Easter!
    My hubby has just been diagnosed with carpel tunnel. He’s wearing a brace now.
    Did the surgery provide your hubby with relief?

    • Hi Jean! Happy Easter to you and your family!
      My hubby wore a brace for years and then had surgery on right hand back in ’04 and he was 100% relieved. Now, it was the left hand’s turn. So far so good.

  2. It is good to see you! Happy Easter to you as well.

    Lovely snap of the dogwood blossom! So pretty.

    Leaves of three, let it be!

    • Happy Easter, S! I hope the Easter bunny was good to little “O”. 😉

      About my contact with the poison ivy, the leaves had not even sprouted yet. I pulled up a vine thinking it was a Virginia creeper vine…but it wasn’t, hence the hideous blistery rash I developed on my forearms.

  3. HAPPY EASTER!! Okay, I know I am a day late – but it still counts, right?!

    Glad to hear you’ve been having fun, apart from the wicked poison ivy. Hope that heals quickly! Not sure it’s possible, but I think I must not be allergic to it – or something – I’ve never come down with the rash. Weird, huh?!

    • Thanks Christy! As they say, better late than never!

      The rash is mostly gone. I’ve learned my lesson and I am on a pursuit to kill them once and for all. I never knew I was allergic until I moved here, but then, I have never been exposed until now.

  4. More poison ivy!!! ouch!
    I got bit by a spider while pulling weeds in my yard: it wasn’t radioactive though, so no super powers for me. I didn’t want the great responsibility that’s suppose to come with that stuff anyway.

    A belated Happy Easter.

    • planetross, Happy belated Easter! Yes, more poison ivy, but I vow this is my last. *see above reply*
      I don’t know which is worse, a spider bite or poison ivy rash…I guess it would depend on the spider.
      Glad you were spared the great responsibilities that come with super hero status.

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