First day of spring

Happy spring to everyone!

The daffodils are blooming along with flowering trees, forsythias, and the like.   Many signs of spring are everywhere, including my aching back, which is  from clearing dead leaves out of my flower beds, and transplanting a large area of nandina.   Spring fever hits me hard with many garden projects around my house.

We are at week 29 with school, and we  just finished studying the Persian Empire, animal cells, and pi.  My son use to love math and has always tested a couple of grade levels ahead in the subject.  This year is a different story.  He isn’t fond of  this year’s curriculum of percents, decimals, and most recently, pi, area, and circumference.  The problem isn’t understanding how to do them, he can do them, he just hates it.  I don’t understand this.  My attitude is just do it if you know how, and don’t have an attitude about it.  It is so frustrating!  But I know I shouldn’t complain no matter how challenging things get.  My old college friend just returned from South Korea for a visit, and she explained to me that Korean children are in school for 12 hours or more.  They have no life other than school. When they are at home, they have no time for home life or to pursue personal interests.  They do homework until midnight or later, go to bed, and then get up at 6:00 am and start the day again.  Maybe there are some American school children with this schedule, but I am thankful to have the freedom and opportunity to provide an education for my child and allow time to do fun things.   He has time to pursue his own interests outside of what is required of him as a student.   School is important, but there is so much in life that a child should experience other than school. 

I am still reading The China Study, but nowhere near putting my thoughts together to blog about it.  It is still foremost on my mind.  I can easily talk about it rather than write about it.   Perhaps a better solution would be to do a video blog and post it on YouTube.  Hmmm… I could talk about my encounter with the couple who suggested the book to me.   Making a video blog is just a thought, but something I am considering.  

In light of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, most things I am normally concerned with have taken a backseat.  Last week was uneventful with nothing written on my calendar, except for the 1 year passing of my dog, Bodie.  The down-time allowed me to do a lot of thinking, say a lot of prayers, and count a lot of blessings.  In the grande scheme of things, there is nothing I should complain about.  Nothing.  Even homeschooling.  

So, I will end this post with a familiar sign of spring, a bird’s nest.  It isn’t an actual bird’s nest, but a salad my son created for his first 4-H Nutrition Fair entry.   The salad was all his idea, it is similar to the salad he makes from the salad bar when we eat at Jason’s Deli.  I suggested the breadstick twigs to make the branches for the nest to rest on.  He created the bird theme for the table display and place setting.  It was a very clever idea and he won a blue ribbon for his dish.  It was a very proud moment for us all.

If you absolutely LOVE this salad and would like to make your very own at home, I have included the recipe.

Bird’s Nest salad




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8 responses to “First day of spring

  1. Your son is so clever!! What a beautiful and tasty looking salad. So glad he won a well deserved ribbon.

    I would love to see you do a video blog — Go for it!! And let us know when it’s up. I look forward to hearing about the book. Lots of talk about that one.

    So sorry about Bodie. I still get twinges thinking about Max. I’ve slipped one or twice and called Roxy Max even, good thing neither of them mind 😉

    Happy Spring to you too!! Love the beautiful flowers. It was snowing here yesterday – and we’re supposed to get another 3 inches tomorrow. My older daughter turns 11 in the morning. BIG DAY!

    • Christy, I was surprised that he wanted to enter a dish, but it made perfect sense because he likes plain, raw foods.

      The video blog…when I get some time and no one is around then I’ll work on it. I wonder when that will be?

      Bodie and Max will always have a special place with us. I miss him, still.

      I can’t believe you are still getting snow! Happy birthday to your daughter, Madison “Sunshine”!

  2. I am glad you are well.
    It’s the end of the year for kids studying in Japan … for 3 weeks or so.

    • planetross, yes, I’m over the “plague”. Thanks goodness!

      My friend, who returned from South Korea, is in between schools because the school year ended. I guess you could say she is in between jobs or schools, contracts, etc. You know what I mean.

  3. Lovely daffodil photo! Mine are just beginning to bloom.

    Brilliant salad idea for a homeschooling Mum like yourself! V cool.

  4. – Noble Proctor would be a hard name to live with.

    – the salad looks wicked. I don’t usually load up with blueberries, but I will from now on.

    – everyone has their anniversaries for things … that slide under everyone else’s radars; I’m sure Bodie is happy where he is. I remember him too.

    – This “China Syndrome” sounds like a good book.

    note: I wasn’t happy with my last comment on here.

    • planetross: I always liked C. Moore Heiny myself.

      Blueberries are the super fruit. Did you know that?

      I like your book recommendation, though I’m guessing the ending is kind of bad.

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