May the Force be with you

I absolutely adore this commercial!  And with good reason.  You see, I once had my own pint-sized Darth Vader.   When I see this commercial, it brings back so many fun memories of the days when my son ran around in his Darth Vader costume.  

Now he didn’t go around trying to use “the Force” on the pets or inanimate objects, but he could swing a mean lightsabre.   Thank goodness we survived that phase!

Halloween 2005



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9 responses to “May the Force be with you

  1. Love the costume! I liked the commercial too – very cute, but I still liked the Doritos one better (where he “sprinkled” chips on the (whatever it was) and they all sprang back to life like magic!)

  2. Back in the day, Benny the Troll was He Man. All. The. Time. We had a small devil’s pitchfork from a Halloween costume and he used that as his He Man sword. Good times, those.

  3. That was by far my favorite commercial, because it could have just as easily been my little girl using the force. Then again, there would have been a tutu involved…

  4. Glad you liked it – funniest commercial I’ve seen in forever! And I’m w/ you re: Doritos. I can’t eat them now, but dang it, they are GOOD. I found no salt added BBQ chips last night and am ELATED!!!!! 🙂

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