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I cannot believe that this is my third consecutive weekly post.  This is a first for me.  I normally write one post a month, at best.  I don’t know how it has happened, maybe it’s Divine intervention.  🙂

There has been a lot of this and that going on the past week.  I have several things to write about and what better way to do it than with a photo essay.  Look for a  “retro” find, a drawing from a bizarre dream, things from around my house, and a MAJOR announcement.   

And here we go!

I found this beauty at the Goodwill.  It is a 1983 rotary telephone.  Boy is it heavy! The cost – 4 bucks.   I fogot about the LOUD ringer.   It sounds exactly like the phone ringing in 1979 horror movie “When A Stranger Calls”.  Remember that movie?  Remember the ringer?  Creeeeepy!!  Oh, and that isn’t my number.














This is an illustration from my son’s dream.  He drew this picture in case I had trouble visualizing the words  “Kiss my fat butt” written on the back of a pair of underwear.  Of course, I had no trouble visualizing it.  As if having an actual drawing wasn’t enough, it now hangs on the refrigerator.  That’s just great! *not* I hope I remember to remove it should someone come over.  How am I going to explain it?  I forgot the particulars of his dream, but it was wacky, to say the least.  










On the other side of the refrigerator are these little Valentine “luv bugs” of sorts and a handmade Valentine.  My son made it nine years ago when he was three years old.  I display it every Valentine’s Day.  Such a contrast to the drawing above. (head shaking)










In keeping with Valentine’s Day, this is Mr. Snowman holding a heart pendant.   It is a little reminder that Valentine’s Day is during the winter season.  For some strange reason, people here in the south seem to think that spring comes right after Christmas.  I am adamantly opposed to rushing in or rushing out a season.  I take them seriously.  My calendar says it is winter until March 20.














This is our cat,  Gary, asleep with his head on his paw.  I thought it was cute.

Finally, my major announcement – my son got braces this week.  Getting braces is a big deal.  The cost is the same as buying a good used vehicle!   He was ready to get them, but oh my – the house was filled with drama the very first day!  I remember that dreadful first day and the horrible pain.  It hurt to just brush my teeth!  I couldn’t even eat a scrambled egg!  My poor son.  Knowing what he was going through was awful for me to endure, but I knew the pain wouldn’t last long.  Fortunately, pain relievers and constant gum-chewing (sugarless) helped the pain subside.  By the third day, he was better and the rest of the week was spent adjusting to a new way of eating.   He is quite disappointed that he can no longer eat some of his favorite foods again until 2013.  

In a way, I hope the years go by fast for him, but slow for me. 



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7 responses to “This and that

  1. ugh, boy do I remember the agony of braces. No fun at all. I am glad my teeth are straight though. And that I didn’t have to endure the process as more than an early teen. Definitely the time for it. I love the underpants pic! My daughters have read the captain underpants books & enjoyed them thoroughly! So glad you’re keeping up the posting!!!! Wishing you a very happy Valentines Day ( and a slow onset of spring / hah!)

  2. ps: FAB find! LOVE the phone!! Makes me wish we had a land line.

    • Dishy, that’s funny you mentioned the land line. Someone else told me the same thing. I can’t go without a land line. At least not right now. I feel so “grounded” with one. LOL

      Yes, straight teeth are a big benefit in many ways. I’m glad I had braces, too. And during the same time frame at my son, from 6th grade to 8th grade.

      Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!

  3. Benny the Troll collects phones and has a green one much like this one.

    Love the 6 year old valentine.

    Very cute cat photo!

    • S. Le, that’s cool Benny the Troll collects phones. I have always wanted an old rotary phone for the nostalgia.

      I thought you’d like the cat photo. 🙂 There are more as my son takes photos of the cats all the time, mostly lounging or sleeping. Ah, the life of a feline.

  4. -The “Tin Grin is In” … was the shirt my sister made for me when I had braces. I’m not sure if it was cool, but I remember it.

    -A black rotary phone would be cooler, but $4 is $4 bucks! hee hee!

    -I always draw my dreams on unlined paper … for “the sky is the limited edition” stuff.

    note: most of my dreams these days involve struggling: I think I sleep on my arm a lot.

    • planetross: So many kids have braces these days. I’m not sure if there is a social implication anymore, unless a headgear is worn.

      I found a black rotary phone once, but it looked like a dog had chewed on it. In the case of a rotary phone in good condition, I’ll take what I can get as long as it isn’t pink.

      My dreams are so bizarre, I couldn’t draw them, let alone find find words to describe them.

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