My first time

…making sushi!  What?  What did you think I was going to talk about?  🙂

Oh, how I love to eat sushi! 

One of my favorite places to shop is Borders Books.  I went there on my birthday and I bought a sushi recipe book/DVD kit, Simply Sushi by Steven Pallett . Then on Saturday, my besty, who knows how to make sushi, took me to an Asian market in the city to shop for ingredients.  I made my first sushi tonight and it was FABULOSO!  Making the rice was easier than I expected.  I didn’t go for raw fish, I just used chopped mushrooms, long green beans, avocado and a soft cheese.  I even improvised and used shrimp cocktail sauce instead of wasabi.  I got the rolling technique right on my third try, and now I feel like a pro. 

My picky son even loved it and kept asking for more.  Now that will make a mom happy.

You know you grew up in the 80’s if you get this song stuck in your head.

Turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so!!




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10 responses to “My first time

  1. Wow they look Great!!!! My family and I tried this a while back and they came out delicious! Check it out:

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I had to go to Borders yesterday to get a calendar, saw that sushi kit on my way to checkout and thought of you! We made sushi a few times back in Philly. But my kids started using my bamboo mat for playdough and I had to toss it. MUST get another one — so inspiring!! XO

    • That’s cool you saw the same sushi kit! I bought a calendar at Borders, too. It was an Origami fold-a-day calendar. I’m not sure where all of this Japanese influence is coming from.
      You MUST get another mat ASAP!

  3. A long time ago I tried making my own sushi with sushinoko powder in the rice and cucumber/other stuff, but … it turns out to be cheaper to buy here than make … and easier! hee hee!

    Vegetarian sushi doesn’t involve so much bludgeoning, but the chopping sounds difficult.

    Yours look great!

    • As you can imagine, making sushi here is the opposite, it’s less expensive to make than to buy. I was surprised to pay $7.00 for my bag of sushi rice, but it will last a long time.

      I tried to keep it simple, for this reason using the vegetables. If it required anymore prep, I wouldn’t have made them.

  4. Congrats! My husband & I love sushi; for my birthday he registered us for a sushi-making class. It was nice to read about your success!

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