Another new year

Twenty-eleven is here and we started the year off the same way we have started every year since 1999, with our son’s birthday.  This year was extra special because the date was 1/1/11.  It would have been cool if he had turned 11, but he turned 12 instead.  As you may guess, puberty prevails these days.  He has a small “mustache” on the corners of his mouth, and he is almost as big as me and weighs almost as much.  He is growing too fast and so much is changing.   Sometimes, I get a little sad to see the little guy growing up.  

Our final week of  2010 was spent enjoying the snow from our beautiful white Christmas.  It was the first white Christmas I can remember.  I didn’t mind it at all.  There was something serene and cozy about being snowed-in.  Christmas 2010 will be one we fondly remember for a long time. 

Ian’s Christmas gift to me was a handcrafted Maple wood bowl.

As I wrote in my previous post, I was anticipating to roast my first ever “pulled pork” and I am happy to say that I pulled it off. Literally!  Well, I roasted it and my hubby pulled it when it was done.  The method I chose was slowly roasting uncovered at 325 degrees F (basting every hour) until the internal temperature reaches 180.  It was tender and delicious and lasted for days and days.  In many ways, that was a bad thing.  I think I’ve met my pork quota for the next two years.

There was something funny about sprinkling Kosher salt on the pork that made my hubby chuckle.  I know there isn’t anything wrong with it…I guess you had to be there. 

Finally, with another new year comes another birthday for me, in 10 days! UGH!  Seriously, I don’t dread my birthdays as much as I use to.  I attribute this to diet and exercise, though they were on hiatus for the past month.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t learned how to embrace my age, partly because I still feel like I should be in my late 20’s.  I have a hard time accepting that I can no longer say I am thirty-something.  Where have the years gone?  However, my son’s friend told me he thought I was 25, (which was ridiculously WAY off) and so I couldn’t help but to be flattered…just a little. 😉



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14 responses to “Another new year

  1. Happy almost Birthday!! If it’s any consolation, at 38 I am not far behind you. The idea of turning 40 bothers me far more than the reality itself.. but as long as I am healthy and well, bring it on! Happy (belated) Birthday to your son, too! I totally understand what you mean about growing up too fast. My older daughter is just shy of 11. I find it hard to believe she’ll be in middle school next year – since inside I still feel like I’m 18. Aging is funny like that. Wish I could have tasted your pulled pork – it looks fabulous!! My mom sent me a recipe clipped from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, it’s for an NC-style BBQ sauce, very vinegary and super spicy as well. I made it a week ago – DELICIOUS! but found it was way waaay too hot to actually use. My husband & I love spice, the ladies not so much (at all). Beautiful Christmas pic! So glad you enjoyed the snow. 🙂

    • Hi Christy! Thanks for the birthday wishes for Ian and me. I agree that if we are healthy and well, then we can handle getting older. Our generation is definitely aging much more slowly than the generations before us. I have a medical condition, too, and I was finally able to start exercising only a few years ago. Otherwise, I’d just get older and feel like crap!

      That is cool your mom sent you that recipe! NC is regionally divided when it comes to BBQ and its sauce. It sounds like you made eastern BBQ sauce with the vinegar and the spiciness. Eastern BBQ sauce is mostly made with vinegar, tomato sauce (usually ketchup) and red pepper flakes. I only use a small amount of red pepper flakes because I can’t handle hot. Western BBQ sauce is a thicker red sauce. My son doesn’t like either.

      More snow is predicted for next week! 🙂

  2. lol! Kosher salt on pork! lol!


    Is son 12 or 21? I’m confused.

    The bowl he made is lovely! Does he have a lathe?

    • S.Le, he’s 12. It’s ok, you probably just need some coffee. 😉
      Oh, I wish he made that bowl, but he bought it at a craft fair. A nice choice, I thought, and he used his own money.

  3. -there wasn’t a white Christmas here, but I did go to an illumination/light thingey that had snow at it, so that was okay.

    -Happy 12th Birthday to Ian!

    -pulled pork looks yum!

    -hee hee S. Le: your comment has to do with the picture of the cake? … right?

    – Kosher salt. … mmm! … I checked out what it is … and the answer was just silly. No iodide salt would be better. I can still understand why your husband laughed though.

    – I assume you are turning 40 in a week or so. It’s not so bad: been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. A prelated Happy Birthday! … just in case I forget later.

    • planetross: Thanks for the comments and both birthday wishes (belated and prelated). 🙂 Yes, I will turn 40 on the 18th. I know it could be worse and someday it will be. The good thing is I don’t feel 40. I feel much much younger.

      • A belated happy birthday now. I don’t think anyone who has turned 40 ever thought that they felt 40!
        The secret to growing older is having older siblings who are envious of your age … and probably pots of money, but I don’t know about that stuff.

      • planetross: Thanks for the birthday wish! Age is just a number right now…for now.
        I don’t have any siblings who can be envious of me, but I do have a few older friends. Does that count? hee hee!
        Hmmm. Pots of money. I don’t know what that is either.

  4. Kids grow up so fast don’t they. My oldest son is 28 now, daughter 25 & youngest son 22. It seems like only yesterday the were little toddlers.
    Love the kosher salt on the pork idea. In Israel you would probably be stoned for that…

    • Tony: Thanks for stopping by. Your “kids” are adults now! Time goes by fast for all of us. The toddler years were my favorite. It think it was all the bite-sized food.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMY!!! So sorry it’s two days late.. I will try to do better next year! (It helps that Roxy was also born on the 18th – of August) perhaps that will help me? PS: Please do not be insulted that I am equating your birthday with the dog’s, I do mean it in the very best of ways. Hope you had a wonderful day. XO

    • Thanks “Dishy” for the birthday wish. My friends met with me a couple of days prior to my b-day, so it’s OK to get wishes even a couple of days after.
      I’m not insulted at all by your equating the 18th with Roxy. I use to say that Bodie’s birthday was the same day as my dad’s.

      I had a wonderful birthday. I got a sushi kit from Borders Books. We’ll see how I do making sushi, though I’m extremely good at eating it.

  6. Oh, I just love that photo of the tree in your yard. A perfect winter photo!

    I just turned 40 & my little one recently turned 12. I know what you mean about them getting older. It’s like the last year before all the drama of GIRLS begins.

    • GG, Thanks! Adding lights to that tree was my husband’s idea.

      You are 40? No way! You look fab! BUT are we supposed to look bad/old because we are 40? I hope not.

      I know girls mature much faster than boys. Good luck!

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