Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!

Keep it safe and fun and PLEASE wait until after Thanksgiving to prepare for Christmas!    

Commercialism has gone mad!  I speak only for myself, but seeing Halloween items in the stores on one isle and Christmas on another should be a crime, outlawed, or boycotted.

I hope to catch up with some blogs soon and update my own as well.

Trick-or treat!




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12 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. I agree. We stopped by Target yesterday to buy Halloween socks, and the Christmas decor was going up.
    Beautiful, classic jack-o-lanterns you have there.

  2. Jean: Christmas decor has been in the stores here since August, and I have been disgusted with it all since. Then, today there was a 20ft. tall *bleep* Christmas tree at the entrance of Wal-Mart!

    My hubby is the pumpkin carving master. 😉

  3. I couldn’t agree more Tammy. One holiday at a time if thank you very much. Scarecrows and garland just don’t go well together.


  4. GARY! Thanks for commenting! I need to check out what all you have been up to lately…other than hanging out at your camper/campground. 😉 Lucky dog!

  5. I just returned home for the winter actually. It’s nice to be back to my home with a foundation. LOL

  6. Halloween is so much fun ! I agree with commercialism thing you said !

  7. When I worked in a department store, the Halloween stuff (non-candy) was packed up and the Christmas stuff came out. Thanksgiving in Canada doesn’t have any decorations involved.

    • planetross: I worked in retail in my early twenty’s. I was disappointed when I couldn’t have the day after Thanksgiving off (big shopping day).
      American Thanksgiving has lost its original meaning. Now it’s all about the 3 F’s – family,food and football.

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