the tesserae turns 2!

Happy Blogoversary to the tesserae!  Two years ago today, I started this blog, and I still like to blog, though, I don’t devote as much time to it as in the past.  I think I am either busy, preoccupied, bored, distracted, or L-A-Z-Y.  Truth be told, I am most likely all of them! 

Presently, the following activities are keeping me away from the tesserae either regularly, often, occasionally, or all at once (yes, it is possible):

  • homeschooling
  • spending as much time outdoors as possible (the weather is beautiful here in NC in September)
  • identifying deciduous trees in my yard by their leaves and bark (my yard is very wooded)
  • catching and identifying insects (yep, I know it sounds gross, but I like little creatures)
  • bird watching 
  • watching squirrels drink from the bird bath
  • watching leaves fall
  • noticing the leaves change color
  • staying away from poison ivy (boo-hiss!)
  • trying to read more (not working)
  • attending a homeschool Charlotte Mason co-op
  • helping my son make lapbooks for history
  • trying to get up earlier (not working either)
  • trying to go to bed earlier (HA-definitely not working!)
  • preparing homeschool lessons
  • getting together county fair entries
  • checking out library books
  • watching Cupcake Wars
  • walking through my neighborhood
  • trying to lose 5 pounds (just 5 pounds -dang it!)
  • avoiding urges to eat anything sweet (it’s killing me!)

I’ll wrap this up and end with this photo.  Can you guess what it is?

Thanks for reading my blog! xo



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16 responses to “the tesserae turns 2!

  1. S. Le

    That’s a strange caterpillar with a clever disguise!

    Sounds like you are VERY busy!

    Happy Bloggerversary! Hip, hip, huzzah!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Is it a stick bug?
    I need help identifying trees. We were to the woods last weekend, and I labeled a pic as a walnut tree. It might be a buck-eye tree. Doh!

    • S.Le: Thanks! Indeed, the caterpillar has a very cool disguise.
      I am busy, but in a good way.

      Jean: Thanks! It’s a Common Gray (Anavitrinella pampinaria) caterpillar. Researching these critters is sometimes hard, but I’d like to just call it a stick caterpillar.
      Identifying some of the trees in my yard has me stumped. LOL! There are a couple of kinds I have never seen before, one is the boxelder and the other is the overcup oak.

  3. Happy Anniversary! So nice to be back! Looks like you’ve been busy.

    You and I are so much alike. I enjoy all that you listed. Hope you have a good tree identification guide. We spent a day early in the summer marking all of ours and the girls enjoyed drawing their own versions of the yard – mapping what was what. Kept them from fighting for a good hour, anyway – hah!

    I’ve been finding myself too busy to blog. Now that my daughters have returned to school I am charging full steam ahead. Maybe we can encourage each other to keep it up!

    • Christy: Thanks! That’s cool you mapped your trees, too. I used a couple of books from the public library. Finding a good tree identification website was hard to find, but I found a few and bookmarked them. I’m disappointed we only have one oak tree. Our old home had 3-4 different species of oaks. Here, we have more maples and tulip trees (yellow poplar) than anything else. I miss the acorns.

      Great idea to encourage each other to blog more often. I could use plenty of encouraging!

      • We have some sugar maples and three crab apples, a hemlock, and a spruce, and many volunteers – amongst others. This summer we planted 4 fruit trees: a peach, a nectarine and 2 red pear. Total fruit 2010: 1 peach. But it was delicious and we’re hopeful for more next year. I know it takes the little guys a while to produce, so getting a big peach the first year round was an unexpected treat. Thinking positive thoughts, right?!

      • Christy: You are lucky to be able to grown fruit trees, even if you produced just 1 peach. Our yard is too shady to grow most of the plants I enjoy growing, such as marigolds and zinnias.

        With all of those fruit trees, I bet you’ll have plenty of bees pollinating in the spring. Maybe you could raise honeybees and make your own honey. HA! As though you don’t have enough to do around there, right?

  4. PS: I am guessing caterpillar?

  5. Tasneem R

    Ok you seem to be a nature lover like me! I think your one of the lucky ones to view nature so closely . Watching the leaves fall , the birds and having a nice time reading books and just be home! Ah well you asked what we can figure out by the picture you’ve posted at the end of the post so to me its simply a picture of a branch and leaves. Anything else I’m missing out? eh?
    Go Green! – Find your grade in the green meter!

  6. Happy blogoversary (sorry I’m a bit late to say so!)!! That caterpillar is something else – so well disguised that I just about had to stick my eyes ON the screen to see it. Nature is so clever.

  7. A belated blogoversarial type handshake and tip of hat.

    The thing in the photo looks sticky. hee hee!

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