Hiking, insects, and other stuff

September is finally here and I am so glad.  I am not a summer person and am ready for summer to be over just as soon as it starts.   My favorite season is autumn and it is only 21 days away.  Where in the world could I live where I could enjoy a year without summer? 

Sunday, I went on a long hike.  My body had been craving some strenuous exercise for a while.  We decided to go to Stone Mountain in North Carolina, not Georgia.   We had not been since my son was 4 years old and during that occasion, we didn’t hike any trails.  This time, we hiked the Stone Mountain loop trail which is categorized as strenuous and 4.3 miles.   It took about 3 hours to hike the entire trail.  Of course, we stopped here and there to enjoy the scenery and notice bits of nature.  Towards the end of the trail, my legs literally shook from exhaustion due to the steep descent down the mountain.  It was a tough hike for all of us, but overall , we had a great time.  I noticed how much deeper I could breathe when it was all over.   It was a great feeling!


While we were driving through the park, we spotted butterflies all over thistle blossoms.  Daniel stopped the car and I immediately jumped out with my camera in hand.  With me being a nature freak, the site of these butterflies was eye candy.   I took at least 20 pictures, but here are a few that turned out the best.

The day trip to Stone Mountain marked the end of our summer vacation.  We started school on Monday and so far, things have been going well.   I decided to apply for the 4-H volunteer position to start a science club.  The county were I live has a fantastic 4-H program and my son will benefit tremendously from the activities and experience.  I think I will benefit, as well, from working with 4-H.   I sent in the application this week to get it underway, the screening process and training could take several weeks to complete.  The application was very detailed and asked for everything short of providing a DNA sample.  It asked for my employment and volunteer experiences over the past ten years.  Good grief!  My employment only includes two part-time jobs within the past 10 years.  Everything else has been volunteer work.  Being a stay at home mom has allowed me to volunteer for things I couldn’t have done if I had worked fulltime.   Most things were enjoyable and fulfilling, but sometimes I would get stuck with doing things other moms couldn’t do because they were at work during the day.  Some people seem to assume that if I am at home then I am available.  Nevermind that my day is spent homeschooling my child.  So with all of this said, my calendar is filling up quickly with activities, appointments, projects and personal commitments…because I have all of this free time on my hands. 😉  Somehow, I will figure out how to add 4-H into my life.

Yesterday, I found this little guy crawling on my sidewalk.  It is a banded tussock moth caterpillar.  My plan was to raise it, watch it turn into a moth, and then release it.  I looked through my resources and searched the internet and couldn’t find exactly what kind of leaves it ate.  I decided to let him go this morning because I didn’t want him to die of starvation.  

Labor Day is Monday.  My husby usually works on Labor Day, and it is normally just a regular weekday for us.  This year might be different and he may have the day off.  There’s talk that we might return to Stone Mountain.  I hear camping might be involved.



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6 responses to “Hiking, insects, and other stuff

  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like the butterflies have been colored with a soft pencil. Stunning.

    Sorry you couldn’t find out what type of leaves the moth/caterpillar ate.

    • Jean: Those butterflies were beautiful! Some people are afraid of them, but I just don’t see why.

      Btw, I like your new site, but I’m having trouble posting a comment for some reason. Idk…there might be something wrong on my end. 😦

      • Oh crud. It could be me!
        When did you try? I was trying to impliment a new theme over the last 24 hours, and it wouldn’t display comments or the comment box. Needless to say, I removed that theme. If you have time to try again, I would greatly appreciate it. If not, then perhaps next time. Thanks!

  2. Jean,
    I think I have been banned from commenting on your blog. :-O LOL!
    I attempted to post a comment again, and when I click “say it” nothing happens. 😦 Sorry.

  3. S. Le

    Cool photos and love your new banner!

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