Randomness for August 25, 2010

I swapped emails with my cousin in Florida about reserving a venue for a family reunion in October.  It all came down to finding a location that allows music.  Music meaning playing acoustical instruments and singing.  Many people on my maternal side are musically talented and there is usually some kind of jam session when they get together.  There was only one park that allowed music and the town where it is located is 30 minutes from where I live.  I guess I will go there tomorrow to reserve the picnic shelter and pay the rental fee. 

My husband, son and I spent the afternoon together.  The husby bought some black New Balance shoes for work.  We had chinese food for lunch, and then we went to Staples to look at PC’s and Notebooks.  Our PC is 4 years old and I am not looking forward to replacing it.  It seems 1GB is not enough memory these days.  I saw a long plastic pencil box that would be perfect for storing my long paint brushes.  It was on a shelf that said it was $1.00.  “This can’t be right.”  Sure enough, the guy at the register checked the price and it was $3.99.  No, thanks.

Next, we browsed PetSmart.  The husby cannot stand to look at the rats.  He says their tails give him the creeps.  I like to look at the selection of birds.  There was a beautiful Sun Conure Parrot for $600.00.  I can’t imagine paying that much for a bird.  It was a smart bird.  It stayed in its little house and would come out when it saw us.  It wouldn’t fly over, but climbed the cage in an unusual way to come to where we were.  It stuck its beak through the cage to reach out to us.   Cute!

My son was devastated today because YouTube removed a video of Super Mario Bros. for the Wii.  I told him the same thing happened to me when I watched some favorite things on YouTube and then they removed them.  He said he felt better because I could understand how he felt.  I don’t think I was as mad as he was when I couldn’t find my videos.  He was very upset and he insisted that we buy a Wii NOW and that he cannot wait until Christmas.  Yeah, right!  There is no way I’m buying a Wii right now. 

Every piece of mail that came today was junk mail.  I hate when that happens.  What a waste!  Thank goodness I can recycle junk mail.



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4 responses to “Randomness for August 25, 2010

  1. It is a bummer when your fav videos disappear from youtube. There is a way to save them to your computer. Do a search for “rip”, and you’ll find tutorials… if you are interested.
    And, yes, get a Wii! 🙂

  2. random note:

    family reunions: having no kids … a family reunion is just like showing off … or something, but I’d still go to see what the other siblings have been doing. I always like seeing my brothers and sisters: they are like me, but funnier usually.

    Black running shoes: very cool with black Levis jeans. .. not so good with white socks though.

    Chinese Food: yum!

    PC’s: my friend Mr. Pettit bought the uptodaytist Mac about 4 months ago, but wants something more uptodatyist … so I may buy his old one. A 37 inch screen scares me though.

    Pet shops: I don’t like pet shops. It’s like a store or something. I’d rather have animals find me.

    Youtube: it should be called “Metube” … or maybe “It’s Not Minetube, But I’m Uploading It Anyway” … but I still like it 🙂

    • planetross: Thanks for replying to my random post with your random note. 🙂
      The black shoes were strictly purchased for work. I think only kids can get away with wearing black shoes with white socks.

      I, too, am scared of a large screen. Especially if it is only a couple of feet in front of me.

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