Randomness for August 24, 2010

From Google: Randomness is a concept with somewhat disparate meanings in several fields. It also has common meanings which may have loose connections with some of those more definite meanings.

I figured out a way to combat my writer’s block.  I have decided to create a section in my blog called Randomness.  Oftentimes when I write a post, I delay in publishing it because I feel I have to write all those tags and select the categories…tedious nonsense!  Call me fastidious, but it is a process I feel I have to do, but I dread doing.  In this case, my randomness post will have one category, Randomness, with one or two tags and that is IT!  I will write about things I am doing, my thoughts, concerns, and just whatever I am dealing with at that moment.  It can be about anything.  There.  Blogging is much easier when there is less pressure put upon myself by ME. 

First entry.

Public schools in my area start tomorrow.  My friend’s children will go to school, but it will be a couple more weeks before my homeschooling friends meet at our Co-op and my son will get to see his homeschool friends again.  I kind of feel left out.  I can sense the excitement and anticipation that public school families are feeling today.  When I was a kid, I loved returning to school.  It was exciting to me.  I have to remember my own excitement and anticipation will follow soon enough, but in a different way.  Sometimes, I wish that my public school friends did more to relate to me than me trying to relate to them. 

I’ve been reading “Pocketful of Pinecones.”  I just don’t get it.  I don’t like to read for leisure anyway.  A book has to be informative for me to feel it is worth my while.  This book is a fictitious diary of a homeschool mom’s life in the 1930’s, during the Depression.  The illustrations make me feel like an inadequate mother because I don’t make my child’s clothing and he doesn’t have chores he does in the morning before we start school…I just cannot identify with this book.  I’ll have to find another book to read to understand Charlotte Mason’s education philosophy.  I already do some of the things she suggests like the nature studies and creating habits.  My son has ADD so I have to modify things.  She suggests reading living books and not textbooks, but he hates both.  She says lessons should be of short durations, 15-20 minutes. I think this will definitely work for him because he doesn’t like to sit in one place for too long.  I’m going to return the book today. 

I have been approached twice by two different people to start a 4-H science club.   There are no 4-H science clubs in my area.  There use to be a club, but the families who ran the club got tired of doing the monthly paperwork.  I printed out the 8 page volunteer application and it is still blank on my desk.   Someone must think I am organized well enough to start one.  The catch is, I am not science oriented.  I am art oriented, or I prefer to be art oriented.  Again, I am in a situation that if an opportunity isn’t available for my son, then I have to be the one to create it.  Why are things like this? I don’t want to create a science club, but others are approaching me.  What does this mean?

We got a “new” car for my husband.  It isn’t brand new, but new to us.  It’s a Ford Focus.  Trendy and good on gas, but to be honest, I don’t like to drive it.  My legs feel cramped.  I’d rather drive my mini-van. 

I got a notification today from Facebook that someone tried to access my account at 5:02am from an unfamiliar location.  I know for a fact I was asleep at 5:02am .  Hmmm.  Sometimes I dislike Facebook.  I have 175 friends and I communicate with less than 10 people.  What’s the purpose behind Facebook?  It is addictive and I’m a disciplined person with self-control.  Anyway, I was prompted to change my password.  That has never happened to me.  Weird.



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2 responses to “Randomness for August 24, 2010

  1. S. Le

    That was random! Sometimes those are the most interesting posts. Facebook doesn’t attract or addict me at all but I have one so I can keep up with our daughter and her family.

    • S.Le: Yes, it was very random, but I see by the “possibly related posts” that it isn’t original. I guess others also have randomnesses they want to share.
      You are lucky you haven’t been sucked into Facebook. It’s a time killer!

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