The photo above is what I got when I asked the hubby to take a picture of me while I built a sandcastle with our son.  It seems I am the one usually behind the lens; therefore, I am not in many photos.  My husband, on the other hand, is a “point and shoot” type, and so a picture he takes of me is either hit or miss.  This is obviously a miss, nonetheless, a photo of me preserved in a photograph for a memory of my vacation with my family.

I regret that I don’t have many photos of myself.  I feel selfish when I hand the camera to my husband and say, “Here, now you take some pictures of me.”  From that point on, the moment seems spoiled.  No surprise candid shots of me looking away in thought with a gentle breeze blowing against me.  Nope, just me bent over dumping out a bucket of sand.  

I also regret to say that my summer is coming to an end, another summer come and gone. My summer was a busy one and, of course, I didn’t get to do all that I wanted.  The most unfortunate thing that happened to me was that I had my first case of poison ivy.  My summer got off to a rocky start due to that, but it (the rash) is gone now, thank goodness!  We will start another year of homeschooling, my son will be in 6th grade this year.  The last few weeks have been spent (literally) buying school materials and getting my ducks in a row.  This will be my seventh year homeschooling.

My posts for the summer have averaged about one a month.  I do regret that I haven’t posted more, but I have had a serious case of writer’s block.  I checked out a site called Plinky, to help me with some inspiring prompts.  The only problem was that I spent two hours on my first challenge.  Something about writing a poem with every word beginning with the letter “S”.  Talk about being stupidly stumped!

So, I am still around…here in the blogoshpere.  I’ll be posting something, sometime.  Just keep checking back.

Note: Speaking of blogosphere, it reminds me of troposphere and that leads me to a song by musician, Steve Burns.  He is the “Steve” from the popular children’s TV show Blue’s Clues.  After the character “Steve” left for college in 2002, the real “Steve” left the show to pursue a music career.  His style is unique and strangely different, but his music is genuine.  I can appreciate any artist who steps out of the norm to be creative.

Click here to listen to Steve Burns’ song “Troposphere.”



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6 responses to “Regrets

  1. S. Le

    I hate having my photo snapped! Hate, hate! If I had your legs and figure, I’d be in all the shots!

    Don’t stay away for long. Just write about nothing, like I do!

    • S. Le: Thanks for the compliment. I don’t intend to stay away long, it just turns out that way. I will try to think of “nothing” to write about.

  2. This makes me laugh. I can relate! I usually look overheated on the beach. If I was bending over, that photo would be deleted. LOL!
    Good for you, home schooling!
    I gave it a thought, but then it vanished and I trudged forward with the schools that are provided in our area.

  3. Well I like to take pictures of others who are with me on the beech but mine I allow to be taken only if I’m looking good and bright! ;> Your picture above is good .
    Am I Prepared? – Are you like a Scout? Always prepared for anything? Find out.

  4. “I will try to think of “nothing” to write about.”

    Hey! that’s my trick!!!!

  5. Jean: This photo was taken in the evening when it was cooler. If it was a frontal shot, the photo would have been deleted. LOL!
    I love to homeschool, it is both challenging and rewarding like with any school setting.

    Tasneem: I am always taking pictures of others, too. Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

    planetross: I know you are the master of “nothing.”
    hee hee!

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