My awesome vacation!

To begin with, I think I am the world’s worst blogger.  Along with never having any time (or making time) to devote to blogging, I also have writer’s block.  I regularly sit at the PC just staring at the keyboard, never knowing what to say. I spend most of my time uploading photos, trying to take the first step to get inspired, hoping the words will pour out and I’ll pound away at the keyboard.  Mostly, I just want to take the easy way out and do a photo essay.  Pictures say a thousands words, right?   Don’t be surprised if this post has more photos than words.

We are blessed to live in a state where we have two regions that are great vacation destinations, the coast and the mountains.   Like many people, we love to go to the beach during the summer.  We prefer a calm and less populated beach, unlike some large cities along the East Coast with high-rise hotels that hug the shore line with swarms of beach goers.  This year, our destination was The Outer Banks (aka OBX) of North Carolina. 

We chose to stay in Kill Devil Hills (KDH), which was actually more populated than we liked.  Overall, we enjoyed staying there and learned the ins and outs of KDH and the nearby towns. Our hotel accommodations were fabulous!  An enjoyable and relaxing vacation for me is leaving the cleaning up to someone else.  The beach in front of our hotel was often crowded, but we figured out how to work around the crowds.  Sometimes, we just endured them.  My thoughts were, “it could always be worse”, such as being at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  UGH!

Below are the attractions we visited with a photo from each place.  Most places are historical landmarks, which was our main purpose for visiting the OBX.   Links are also provided if you would like to read more.


My husband and son climbed to the top.





And now, the photo essay…

Here are some random scenes from our vacation.  Scroll over each photo for a description.

Enjoy and thanks for reading about my AWESOME vacation!




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6 responses to “My awesome vacation!

  1. S. Le

    Hmmm… I thought I’d left a comment here. Fantastic photos! I’ve not been to the Cape in years. I’ve always loved that black and white light house.

    Now I wanna go.

    (your son’s a cutie)

  2. S. Le: Thanks for the compliments.

    There’s just something intriguing about lighthouses.

    You should pack the car…

  3. Your photos are incredible and capture your vacation so well.
    Don’t beat yourself up too much over blogging. It is my pleasure to read anything you post.
    How did you get the picture of the jellyfish?

  4. Hi Jean, I guess I wanted to give myself a good hand slapping for being such a slacker blogger. Thanks for reading my posts. 🙂

    There were many jellyfish swimming along the beach one day, too many to feel comfortable about being in the water. They float along in the waves and my hubby took a bucket and easily scooped it up out of the water. It was neat to see one alive (up close). We’ve always seen them dead lying on the beach.

  5. I’ve always wanted to go to Roanoke Island … I don’t know why, but I wouldn’t feel so bad if I got lost there. hee hee!

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