Post July 4th thoughts

Summer is in full swing here, as far as temperatures go.  The two thermostats in my house are set at 75 degrees F (downstairs) and 73 degrees F (upstairs), and the temperature outside is approaching the upper 90’s.  We stay indoors for much of the day except when we go outside for the occasional game of badminton.

My poison ivy rash is fading and the itching is infrequent.   I thought the rash was the worst part, but in fact, it was the hives I developed from my immune system overreacting from the exposure to the urushiol oil.  I had never been so irritated with something in my entire life!  I never saw any of this coming.   I hope to finally move on to spending my summer doing summer activities…like swimming.  We haven’t been swimming once!  I have been fearful of getting in a pool with chlorine and what it may do to the rash and hives.  Not to mention the looks  I would receive from people wondering how I escaped the leper colony.  I have felt trapped for the past 3 weeks.

Despite my affliction putting a damper on my summer, I was able to enjoy a nice Independence Day with my family.  We had a traditional cook out of grilling burgers and hot dogs, and  I also made homemade vanilla ice cream.  Below is my son and husband in the background, both enjoying the ice cream.  From the look on my son’s face, the ice cream was either cold or he wanted to be silly, probably both.  He wore that  Korean t-shirt for our July 4th celebration.   He didn’t want to be a rebel or make a statement, I think he just likes the shirt.

Afterwards, we drove to a nearby town to see some fireworks.  I took many pictures, but it’s hard to capture fireworks at just the right moment.   Here a few that turned out the best.


Independence Day is the last big holiday that we will recognize/celebrate until Halloween.  Ah, fall is looking better to me already.  In the meantime, I will push on through the summer, try to take a dip in a pool somewhere, maybe make more homemade ice cream, and stay away from the poison ivy.  

Next stop…our summer vacation.  We are leaving in a week to spend several days on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I hope it turns out to be eventful because right now I feel rather boring.



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6 responses to “Post July 4th thoughts

  1. S. Le

    Looks like loads of fun.

    Now I want ice cream! Drat!

    • S. Le: Thanks for the comment. Nice to hear from you. You must be spending too much time at the library or playing grandma with Goober.

      I assume that’s coffee flavored ice cream you want. 😉

  2. I’m glad your rash is gone!
    Terrific photos of your family and fireworks.
    Have a great vacation.

  3. Thanks Jean! I hope to get some interesting photos for a blog entry when I return.

  4. NOTES:

    – fireworks photos are precarious at best, but yours are better than mine.

    – glad your leper status is subsiding.

    – who makes homemade ice cream? … not me … but I should … I should invest in homemade ice cream stocks.

    – a belated happy 4th of July, but if I followed every country’s independence day, I wouldn’t get any work done at all. … oh! that sounds like a good a idea!

  5. planetross: Taking pictures of fireworks is very difficult. I will just watch them next time instead of looking at them through my camera.

    I am looking less and less leperous lately and easing back into society. 🙂

    It’s been a few years since I made homemade ice cream, and I’ve already made 3 batches. I should be the one investing in stocks.

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