Leaves of 3…



That is exactly what I did.  I know what poison ivy looks like and I was careful to let it be.  I didn’t take into account that I was doomed if I stepped on the poison ivy and then scratched my right leg using my left foot.  DOH! I soon learned that poison ivy rash develops quickly and with a vengeance.  To make matters worse, during my sleep, the rash spread to my other leg via contact.  

Now, I am in my second week with a horrible poison ivy rash! The doctor said I will have to endure the rash for at least another month. 

Fortunately, the steroid ointment has taken care of the itching, but there is nothing to do for the beet red rash on my legs. It is hideous!  My son is freaked out just by the sight of it.  I have never had anything like this in my entire life.

I will spare you, the reader, by not posting any photos.  The rash is severe, but without any of those awful bulbous blisters that are on the Internet. 

I guess I have that to be thankful for.



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6 responses to “Leaves of 3…

  1. Oh, yipes! That sounds miserable.
    I haven’t encountered poison ivy ::: knock on wood :::, but have seen the awful blisters in person. Blech!
    Feel better quickly.

    • Thank you, Jean! I’m having better days after using the steroid ointment. I don’t see how other people suffer through the rash without it.

  2. Tasneem R

    Well take good care of yourself . Well there must be hardly any one can escape through it without having rashes . So your not alone my friends . Take care!
    Here’s a fun test , I think you should take it.
    Women’s Health Quiz – Are you taking care of your health?

  3. Thanks Tasneem! You are right, there aren’t many people who are not allergic.
    It’s slowly getting better. 🙂

  4. It all sounds so very nasty. Hopefully it goes away quicker than expected.

    There should be Mr. Yuck stickers on that stuff!

    • planetross: Yes, it has been very nasty and I need many Mr. Yuck stickers.

      It looks as if I’m a good “host”, at least for another month.

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