No, I’m not talking about the Food Network show.  Two things were chopped recently, an old tree stump and my hair. 

When we moved here, there was an old tree stump outside our breakfast room window.  At one time, the tree had grown very close to the house and for some reason was cut down.   I wondered how long the tree had been cut down and why it was cut down in the first place.  I also wondered if the house was built around the tree, or if the tree was planted after the house was built.  This house is 22 years old and the tree looked older than that.   All of this intrigued me because I knew there was a lot of history behind this stump. I enjoyed looking at the stump through the window.  There was lichen growing on it which made it look even more interesting to me.  We would watch the chipmunks, squirrels, and birds crawl all over it in search of seeds and things to eat. 

View from the breakfast room window.

View from the deck.

With warm weather, rain and insects, the stump became infested with ants and began to rot.  Different types of fungi sprouted up on the ground around it and within a matter of weeks, the stump began to lose its appeal.  It was starting to look…UGLY!  Why after all of this time, the stump started to rot is a mystery to me.  There was only one thing to do…get rid of it.  One morning last week, my husband sawed the stump down to the ground. 


The root system is too deep to remove it completely, and removal by a professional would be costly.  He just left the stump cut as flush to the ground as he could get it.  I cleaned up the saw dust and spread more mulch.

Now, onto the next item “chopped”, my hair.  My hair appointment was long overdue.  I finally got to see my stylist to get it cut today. I didn’t intend to get so much cut off.  I even took a picture to show my stylist, but she cut it shorter than the picture. They always cut it shorter than you want. Why do they do that?

Here are the typical before and after photos (of the back).  I can’t believe the difference.  My hair had not been styled at all in the before photo.  In fact, just before this photo, my hair was pulled back all afternoon because I was working in my yard. 



I like what she did and my hair feels and looks much better.  I should be on Oprah or one of those shows where the person looks completely different after their “makeover”.  

I also wanted to give an update on the board game.  I seemed to have overlooked writing about it in my last post about The Intimidator.  The game was a success, and my son enjoyed playing it.  It turns out that the language vocabulary questions were the most difficult to answer, and not the history questions as I suspected.  It took a few hours to play and answer all of the questions.  It made the review fun which was my goal, and he won over $5 in prizes for answering bonus questions correctly.  Not a bad way to end our school year.



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7 responses to “Chopped

  1. kendra

    i like reading about your life. thanks for sharing my friend.
    your yard and hair look soo nice!

  2. Tasneem R

    Your straightened hair looks cool ! Can you tell me how you went about it ?
    Hair Style Personality – Discover your true hairstyle personality.

    • Tasneem: Thanks! My hair stylist took small sections of hair, sprayed with hair spray, and used a straightening iron. It took a while to do, but it was worth it.

  3. I’m always stumped by stumps .. and their stumpiness.

    Stumps usually take too long to grow … since you have to grow a tree first, if you want to do it right. hee hee!

  4. I forgot to say that I’m glad the game was a success … and your new hairdo is better than your former hairdon’t. hee hee!

    • planetross: I think I’m in a prime location for a stump growing business.

      Thanks for the compliments on the game and the hairdo.
      Hairdon’ts are easier to do than hairdos. You don’t do anything. 😀

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