Is anyone out there?

Hello again!  I apologize for such a long absence.  I don’t think I have ever taken a break this long.  It has been 43 days since my last post.  I have tried to keep a blogger presence by reading and commenting on some blogs.  Do I still have some readers out there?  If so, thanks for waiting around for me to return.   I am feeling better since my poor dog died.  I have just been extremely busy. Ah, the life of a homeschool mom!

To keep this post as simple as possible and share as much as I can, I am posting snippets of the highlights along with photographs.  Enjoy catching up on me!

This is our breakfast area now occupied by an actual breakfast table.  Before our dog died, this area was his room.  The table and stools came packaged in two boxes, and I put it together all by myself.  🙂

In mid-March, we enrolled in our local 4-H’s embryology program.  We received a kit complete with 15 eggs, incubator, manual and supplies.   Keep scrolling down to see what happened on Easter!  Roll over each photo for interesting tidbits.


We visited a nature science center and saw a two-headed turtle.

And saw how Gibbons eerily act like people…or people act like Gibbons.

The end of March brought an end to my son as a Cub Scout when he received the Arrow of Light award.  The Bridging Ceremony marked the beginning of Boy Scouts.  All the boys “bridged over” by walking across a make-shift bridge.   


Dear hubby and I made the arrows the boys received for their achievement.   


We celebrated Easter, of course.  Happy Belated Easter to everyone!

And to our surprise (one day early) our chicks began to “pip” on Easter morning!  I took a gazillion pictures (and video) and I want to share as much of that experience as possible.  Hatching chicks was just so darn cool!  Thirteen of the fifteen chicks survived.  We returned them to the 4-H office when they were five days old.  The chicks are a special breed that grow quickly and are only bred for, ahem,”consumption”.  Sorry PETA…people like to eat chicken.  Enjoy the photo essay and then continue reading for more.



Continuing on…April was an eventful month.

My second chance daffodil (that never bloomed) saw its last days.


My son is now old enough to mow the lawn.  They grow so fast.  *sniff sniff*

We participated in another Around the World night.  We made a display about Denmark.  It’s an interesting country, but I wouldn’t want to live there.  The cost of living is too expensive.

Lastly, I rescued a baby gray squirrel while on a walk through my neighborhood.  He was lying in the road and I scooped him into a McDonald’s cup I found on the ground.  I brought him home, and we put him in a large metal wash basin and gave him some food and water.  He was alert the next morning and we released him into our woods. 

This sums up the highlights of my lengthy absence.  I’ll try not to stay away so long next time.  🙂



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9 responses to “Is anyone out there?

  1. Welcome back!
    Wonderful photos!
    Hmmm… I’d never heard of a brooder. What do chicks eat?
    What a sweet squirrel. Good for you for rescuing him.

  2. Jean, it’s good to finally be back. A brooder is a box the chicks stay in until they are a little older. It has pine shavings on the bottom and they eat finely ground corn. They eat a lot! The hardest part was finding a light bulb for the clamp light that could heat the inside to 95 degrees.

  3. You’ve been doing some cool stuff.
    Welcome back 🙂

  4. WELCOME BACK Tammy!

    WOW, you have been busy!! Thanks for posting all the pics – I truly enjoyed living vicariously through them. The chicks alone – a dream for me!!! We are dying to get chickens, but alas, have yet to get the coop. We don’t want to take the plunge before properly attired, so to speak. But cannot wait.

    You and your son are adorable. I can’t believe how fast these kids grow – let’s enjoy every minute we can.

    PS: Love the table – great job!

    • planetross: Thanks! I hope I don’t have another set back. If I do, the blogging ususally suffers.

      Christy: Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been busy, but not as busy as you. 😉 I guess the pics help tell the story better. There were more things I did, but I couldn’t write about everything. Maybe I will later.

      I hope you get your coop built and post some interesting chicken stories. One thing is for certain, they are VERY messy animals!

  5. Stopping by to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Thanks Jean! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  7. S. Le

    Glad you are back! I missed this one. I’ve been right busy like you.

    Love the photos of the chicks. We used to hatch them as well but usually just bought the chicks so we would only get one rooster. Mum always kept chickens. Now Benny the Troll has them and I get huge brown eggs from him. Yum!

    Well done putting the breakfast table and benches together yourself! Lovely!

    • S. Le: Despite all my efforts, I will never be complete back. Maybe I need to figure out how to use the auto post feature. 😉

      Watching the chicks hatch was so exciting! They came from a local hatchery and only live to about 16 weeks due to them being bred strictly for consumption. They also get very aggreesive and eat everything in sight.

      I love brown eggs! My dad once raised Rhode Island Reds and we got brown eggs from him.

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