Sick doggie

I have been consumed with our dog again.  Bodie has been sick since Saturday.  I took him to the Vet on Monday with a fever and other symptoms, and they treated him for a bacterial infection.  The antibiotics didn’t seem to be helping.  He was lethargic and ate nothing from Monday to Thursday and so I took him back today.  They ran some blood tests and diagnosed him with pancreatitis.  He is staying overnight at the Vet to have IV fluids and other medicines to help him get his strength back.  If he is better tomorrow, he will get to come home.

Bodie is 13 years old and we would like to have him around for a couple more years. He has been making great progress with being more mobile with his gimp leg.  I would really love to have him happy and healthy and enjoying the outdoors like a beagle should.

I would appreciate your prayers and thoughts for Bodie.  It would be a blessing to have him come home tomorrow and on his way to recovery. 

I already miss his velvety ears.  😦

Here are some photos from this week. 



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5 responses to “Sick doggie

  1. Oh, your poor dog! I hope Bodie feels better soon and that his medicine works. Poor guy, he looks miserable in those photos. I am sorry your dog is sick.

  2. I will pray for Bodie. What a sweet dog, a beautiful beagle.

    • the girl from the ghetto: He was resting in those photos which is about all he could do. I’m sure he was in pain, but it’s hard to tell with dogs.

      Jean: Thank you for your prayers. He is home today and sleeping. No food for now and just water.
      We’ll have to take it one day at a time.

  3. I hope Bodie gets better.

    • planetross: Sadly, today was Bodie’s last day. In the end, it wasn’t the pancreatitis, but grand mal seizures (2 per hour last night into the morning). We had him put to sleep this morning. I hope I can bring myself to write about it…not sure when that will be.

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