The good and the bad

February was a crazy month.  What do I mean by crazy?  Crazy as in too many bad things happened.  They were so bad that I found it hard to focus on the good things.

Let me explain…


1. We started our month off by dealing with a power outage for over 30 hours and as a result, my son’s fish died. 

2. The children’s minister at my church “resigned”.  We received the news on our wedding anniversary, of all days.  He was a good friend of ours and I absolutely hate when bad things happen to good people. 

3. The radiator exploded in my husband’s vehicle.  Here’s your anniversary gift…a $400 radiator!

4. I had a dentist appointment and was told that areas at my gum line are receding.  This is not good news for someone who’s favorite beverage is orange juice.  I just can’t give up the juice.  My teeth have been sensitive for a while and I already brush with warm water.  Now, I had to switch to a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.  My husband said that I should brush my teeth in a downward motion, so as to not push up on my gums.  I said, “What?  Downward?  Who does that?  Don’t you remember the song from when we were kids…brush your teeth, round and round, circle small, GUMS and all.  How can I change this after almost 40 years?”

5. Our dog had an infected bump on his leg.  I took him to the Vet and they gave him antibiotics and steroids to take for two weeks.  Thank goodness he likes ham chunks so I could hide the pills in them.  Now, he expects ham chunks every time I open the refrigerator.

6.  The Olympic games.  Ok, maybe this wasn’t a bad thing because I enjoyed watching them and it diverted my attention away from the computer to the TV for a change.  The bad thing is that I watched more TV in February than I have the entire time we have lived here. 

7.  We had our last Lego Club meeting in February.  I have hosted a Lego club for homeschoolers for almost 3 years.  I had to make the decision to end the club for various reasons.  It’s complicated. 

So, what good things happened in February?  Well, I ate lots of chocolate on Valentine’s Day.  Wait, that should have been no. 8 on the bad list.  The chocolates (a bag of Ghirardelli Squares and a bag of Lindt Lindor Truffles) were delicious, but I think I gained 4 pounds.  We also had more snow in February.  Snow is a good thing to me, but some think it is bad.  I learned to keep my mouth shut after the fourth snowfall.  No one wants to hear me talk about cozy evenings with a fire, hot chocolate and snow falling. 

I suppose with good there is always bad and vice versa.  February just had too many spoilers and stresses.  March has started out on a better note.  I started a yoga class that I really like, and today I found out we were accepted as participants in the 4-H embryology program.  We will be hatching a chicken!  That should make for a few interesting posts.  Who needs a growing daffodil bulb when I will have a chicken egg in an incubator!



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7 responses to “The good and the bad

  1. I remember that tooth brush song! I hope I don’t sing it all day.
    Here’s to March. May the positive outweigh the negative.

  2. Oh, my little guy is a Lego Addict. How fun for you to host that class, at least while it was still going on.

  3. S. Le

    I also hope March is kinder to you and your family. How does one brush in a downward motion only? I could never.

    • Jean: Uh-Oh! I hope you didn’t have that song stuck in your head all day.
      And thanks a bunch for the good thoughts. 😉

      The Girl from the Ghetto: Thanks for the comment. You have a Lego Addict? That’s wonderful! I think there’s a possibility to host the club at another place. So, we’ll see. 😉

      S. Le: I tried that downward brushing motion…it took me longer to brush so I said forget it.
      March is looking more hopeful everyday. I hope it continues.

  4. I’m glad to hear that March is going better so far than Febuary. At least Febuary is a short month. LOL

    $400.00 for a new radiator? YIKES!

  5. February is the cruelest month … to spell.

    I’m glad March has been better.

    • Gary: March is better for us humans, but now my dog is sick. 😦
      The radiator was that much with parts and labor.

      planetross: I’m a fan of abbreviations. 🙂

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