Good buys

Today was a stressful day, and I desperately needed some coffee and some shopping.  On Tuesdays, all espresso drinks are half price at the Krankies Airstream (an actual airstream you can drive up to and order from your car).  They are always super nice.  I indulged in a 12 ounce latte, and then I was off for some uninterrupted browsing in a thrift store.  Browsing through junk always calms my nerves.  Well, not always, but I like to find a good buy. 

It was my lucky day!  I found some hard to find items.  They are the kinds of things that you can’t buy in a store and can only find second hand or beg someone who owns them to let you have them.  So, here they are and I will explain my purchases below. 

Left to right, starting in the front with the two black candle stick holders.  I have always wanted a pair of these for my beeswax candles from Old Salem (I could only find one candle for the photo). They were only $2 each! 

Next, A Good Seasons salad dressing jar for $3!  Awesome!  I haven’t seen one of these since I was a kid.   I was so excited to make my vinaigrette in it and shake it. 

Back row, a Tupperware container in a nice neutral color (not orange or mustard).  How lucky is that?  It is in VG condition, too.  These are used for 1/2 gallons of ice cream and I can’t wait to use mine.  Ice cream boxes can get really yucky.  Though, I have to wait and work off some of my Valentine’s chocolate before I buy any ice cream.  The best surprise was that there were two stickers, one said $3 and the other said $1, and the guy sold it to me for $1! 

Next up, two Click and Clack storage containers both in VG condition. Someone must have been out of their mind to have gotten rid of these.  Just $2 each!

And lastly, my most needed item, a glass pitcher for my lemonade drink mix.  The lemonade always gets a strange taste after it sits in a plastic pitcher and I have to throw it out.  I knew a glass pitcher was the answer.  This glass pitcher has a small oval sticker that says “Toscany Handblown Poland”.  I don’t know…sounds fancy.  It isn’t Baccarat, but it is a very exquisite pitcher.  Oh, and it was a bargain at $3. 

Over all, I spent $1.49 for a yummy latte and $17 for a nice selection of housewares.  Not bad, huh?



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9 responses to “Good buys

  1. Wow, great shopping deals! The glass pitcher is good for making sangria too. 🙂
    Thank you for the tip re: Krankies. I’m participating in a year-round Secret Pal, and ordered Krankies for my pal. Of course I had to order some for hubby & I as well. Oh… my… goodness! That is delicious coffee!

  2. Jean: You ordered Krankies? Wow, that is great! I’m glad you and hubby like it. I hope your Secret Pal likes it as well.

    Using the glass pitcher for sangria is a fab idea. I didn’t think of that, but then it’s still new to me and the possibilities are endless!

  3. S. Le

    Oh, bravo! Well done you! I love bargain shopping, in fact it’s the only type of shopping I do!

  4. S.Le: Thank you! I’m a bargin shopper. There is nothing I really want that I need to pay full price for.

  5. Wanting things that other people don’t want is always the best!

    note to myself: click on “the tesserae” more often: the Netherlands have overtaken Japan on the flagometer.

    • planetross: I think the trendy word now is reuse, but I like to be retro and stick with calling it second hand.

      Regarding the flagometer…even Canada is a head of you! What’s up with that? hee hee!

  6. WELL DONE Tammy!! You & I would get along like a house on fire. I practically live at the thrift shop and nothing picks up my spirits like a good bargain. Beautiful stuff you found. I also have a good seasons salad dressing jar. I keep dry yeast in it (may sound weird, but I bake so much it’s great for pouring and keeps it fresh in the fridge). Have a great weekend!

  7. Christy: Thanks! I’m so glad you’re a thrift shopper too! That’s cool you have another use for your good seasons jar. I prefer to use mine for salad dressing rather than the mason jar I was using.

    I enjoy cooking but only bake a few things well. I’ve checked out your recipe blog. I need to visit it again and find some yummy things to make.

  8. I hope you find something on The Daily Dish you enjoy baking. Just remember – all of those recipes are low sodium. So when using “normal” baking soda, always remember to HALF the amount. IMPORTANT!!

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