The longest day

Thursday, we got 4 extra inches of snow that fell on the 10 inches from last weekend.  Then, we had freezing rain on Friday and it formed ice on the trees.  It wasn’t a bad freeze (I’ve seen worse).  Many branches and some large pine trees fell down in my neighborhood.  A neighbor’s tree fell on a power line and knocked out the power for most of the houses (including ours) on our street.  The power went out on Friday around 9:15pm just as I was reading The Daily Dish.  We made the best of it and made a fire in the fireplace and camped out in the family room.  The houses on the street behind us had power so we assumed it was only a matter of time before we had power again. 

The power was out all day Saturday.  We were bored, but somehow we managed to pass the time away.  We kept the fire going and it was comfortable in the family room, but the rest of the downstairs was 52 degrees and the upstairs was 49 degrees. We ate cold food in our cold house.   I worried about my son’s dove.  Moe stays in the 3rd bedroom upstairs.  He could fly around to warm up, but my son’s fish in his room was at the mercy of cold temperatures and non-circulating water.  Ian was furious with the power company when he saw his fish struggling on the bottom of the tank.  Nemo, the poor little neon tetra, couldn’t take the cold and died later that night. 

The thermometer in the hallway downstairs.

Earlier Saturday evening, we needed more lamp oil and so I went out in search of some.  The roads were clear and driving was safe, and as I drove through my neighborhood, I saw something very unusual.  Every house (except for about nine on my street) had power.  I drove by the park and all the lampposts were lit.  I drove through our small town and continued to see the power on and businesses opened.  I called the power company from my cell phone and made my first complaint;  not just polite inquiries like before.  We had called them a few times earlier that day to report our outage, but now everyone around us had power and I was miffed.  After I arrived home (without any lamp oil), my husband and I took turns and called the power company many times.  Each time we spoke to a different person.  We complained about why there was a downed power line yet no one had come to repair it.  We have been without power for 24 hours, yet the houses behind us never lost power.  Some people we spoke to were frank and rude and some understood and sent out another work order.   They told us the earliest that power would be restored was by 11pm on Monday, February 8th!  Being without power another day was unacceptable and we made sure they knew that. It was 11pm and we were at the mercy of the power company and all we could do was camp out again in our family room and wait. 

At 4am Sunday morning, my husband went outside to bring in more firewood and he saw the power company’s utility truck working on the power line that was down. Our power was restored by 5am.  We may never know why it took them so long to come to our street.  We knew other people who lost power, but they were only without it for a few hours, not 30 hours like us.  

My son wrote a very harsh letter to the power company while he was mad about his fish dying.  We thought it would help him get things off of his chest.  Now he wants to mail it!  What do you think they are going to think of a letter from an 11 year old, printed in pencil on notebook paper (upside down mind you) telling them they are the worst company in the world because they wouldn’t fix our power and now his fish is dead?  He said he loved his fish…even if he was boring.

Our backyard with the extra coating of snow on Thursday.  

After the rain and ice damage on Friday. 



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7 responses to “The longest day

  1. I can’t imagine 30 hours without power. I’m so very sorry: for the freezing cold, for the rudeness you faced from the power company, for your son’s fish dying.

  2. S. Le

    How awful!! Really sad about the fish! I hope all is well there now. My brother lives in Virginia where they got 3 feet of new snow. Don’t know if he had power or not as some places near him did not. Stay warm!

  3. Jean and S.Le: Thanks so much for your concern. My son is still up set over losing his fish, but he’ll bounce back…as soon as we buy a replacement.

    I’ve heard that more winter weather is on it’s way. Blech! I’m not sure how to prepare other than to have a stash of goodies on hand other than Pop Tarts.

  4. Hi Tammy,

    I love fish so I sympathise with your son. I think you should definitely mail his letter. Those bad power people need to know that their inefficiency has repercussions!
    We’ve also had bad snow this winter in the UK, but it looks like in your neck of the woods it’s out of control. I hope things improve for you soon.

  5. epicurienne: Thanks for your sympathy for my son’s fish. His letter was very harsh, but I should send it anyway. I could attach a note to it explaining the situation we were in and his distress.

    We haven’t had anymore winter weather so we are safe for now. I hope the same for you.

  6. I’m with epicurienne on this one. I’d send the letter.
    Maybe they will stick in on their bulletin board and think about the fish the next time there is an outage. … like that Miracle on 34th Street story.
    … or they will just toss it.

    • planetross: I’ve held on to the letter and still haven’t sent it. I’m really afraid they’ll disregard it and worse…flag our account so that lights flash and sirens go off if I call them.

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