More snow and doughnuts

Friday night brought our second snow storm this winter (first snow storm of 2010).  We had more accumulation with this storm than the one in December; about 10 inches in our area.  I really like to see it snow and don’t mind being snowed in for a couple of days. 

This is my son, Ian, sledding down the hill we have in our backyard.  

The main road was partly clear today and so we ventured out and had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. I had a delicious tamale.  Here is a frugal tip, I order from the side order menu.  The tamale was only $1.95! 

After lunch, we walked across the street to Krispy Kreme for you guessed it…doughnuts!  They have their Valentine themed doughnuts available.  One of the employees, who was possibly the manager, must have come back from a break because I saw him carrying a Bible and a study lesson. Of course, a person carrying a Bible behind the doughnut case was odd and it caught my eye.  I immediately recognized the lesson was as a BSF lesson.  I commented on it and told him that I use to be in BSF and he proceeded to ask me if I’d like to have a seat and answer some of his questions.  It is an inside joke for those who have been in BSF because the questions are often hard to answer.  He and I chatted briefly and then husband, son and I sat down to eat what we had purchased.  The next thing I knew, the man brought over a complimentary heart shaped doughnut!  Nice. 

I am looking foward to Valentine’s Day.  I think I will purchase a dozen heart shaped doughnuts!  YUM!



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6 responses to “More snow and doughnuts

  1. Sledding in your own back yard?! I cannot imagine! Looks like your son had a blast!
    Mmmmm… sure, post those delicious donuts. Now I”ll be craving them all day. 😀

  2. Jean: Yep, he is having a blast on day 3 of sledding! I guess I shouldn’t take sledding in our backyard for granted.
    Do you have a Krispy Kreme near you?

  3. Tasneem R

    The picture of the doughnuts is sooo tempting !!!

  4. I used to toboggan in the yard as kid! The horse fence at the bottom of the hill was always a bit of a risk, but all my baby teeth fell out natural.

    When I see someone reading the same book I’ve read, I always say “Clifford is pretty big, isn’t he!”.

    • tasneem: They were sooo good, but I am glad they are all gone.

      planetross: Our old house had a ravine at the end of the yard. I’m much thankful for the driveway that’s at the end of our yard now.

      Clifford? That’s the big red dog, right?

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