The two bulbs

A few months ago, I transplanted many of the daffodil bulbs I brought from our old house.  After I had finished planting, I came across two bulbs that were left.  I was so tired from planting that day that I just discarded them among some weeds at the edge of our yard.  Today, my husband found them and brought them to me.  

I guess I will give them a second chance. 

I know, I know…I am just as excited as you are.

Updates will follow. 

And it is not you. I changed the layout of my blog.  I just wanted something different. I seem to prefer a ” simple brown two-column theme that’s easy on the eyes.”



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12 responses to “The two bulbs

  1. I like the new layout! Nice choice Tammy.

    It’s nice that you can give those bulbs a second chance. They really do deserve it. I mean it’s not like they hurt you or something. It’s just that you were too damn lazy to plant them with the rest of them. ROFL!!

  2. Love the new look of your blog!

    Yes, I am excited that your bulbs are sprouting. 🙂

  3. OOoh GO BULBS! I’m rooting for em.

    PS: Beautiful theme – soft & gentle on the eyes. A+

  4. Thanks for the nice comments on the new layout.
    I hope the bulbs don’t disappoint.

    And Gary…yeah, I guess I was lazy. LOL

  5. The new layout looks good.
    How can your Blogoversary be 243 days away if you started in July ’08?
    (I think I’ve asked this one before for some reason)

    Does your husband usually bring stuff to you that is discarded in the weeds at the edge of your yard?
    Just wondering. hee hee!

  6. planetross: My blogoversary is on the actual date I started the blog on WordPress. I grandfathered in four posts I had written from another blog source. I guess I am too honest or I just want to confuse others. hee hee!

    You wouldn’t believe the stuff my husband brings to me. I should write a post about what he found in our chimney.

  7. S. Le

    I also like your blogs new look. Clean and minimalist. Nice.

    Mum gave me an Amarilis bulb for Christmas. I forgot to take before, during, and after photos so now it’s too late.

  8. S.Le: Thanks! I like clean and minimal things.

    Sometimes you can make amaryllis rebloom.

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  10. Tasneem R

    It’s great you gave them a second chance . I can see the larger bulb is shooting high !
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