The good ol’ days

A post for the music blog that was never written.

I seem to be reliving my love for The Smiths and Morrissey these days.  I find myself recalling more of my past as it gets further and further away from me.  We do that when we get older.  Don’t we?  I do this with music. 

This YouTube video of Morrissey’s “Sister I’m a Poet” is from his promotional video “Hulmerist”.  I use to own it along with his two solo albums (at the time) and every album The Smiths ever recorded (as well as a rare import LP of “Hatful of Hollow”).  I got rid of it all many years ago.  I thought it was music I had outgrown.  Well, it appears I have grown back into it.

When I was in high school, a good friend went to New York to visit family and he came back with a Smith t-shirt for me.  It was light blue with an image of the band playing and the words Hatful of Hollow on it.  I loved that shirt!  I wish I still had it.

I am now on a quest to reclaim some music I once loved and revisit my fondness for Mr. Steven Patrick Morrissey and The Smiths, and reminisce about my days when I wore that Smith t-shirt with a cardigan (see the end of the video).

Wish me luck.  Oh and wish me a happy birthday, but not an unhappy birthday.  😀

Moi in 1988.



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9 responses to “The good ol’ days

  1. Happy Birthday!
    Music does transport us.
    How can Morrissey sing with all those people get on stage to hug him? Wow.

  2. S. Le

    Happy birthday! You were are adorable!

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes!

      Jean: Yes, music does transport us. Music can make the past enjoyable, but sometimes it is sad.
      I think Morrissey didn’t mind all of those people hugging him on stage. He is like that.

      S. Le: Thank you ~S~. I had a great day.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    I may be belated … or early for next year.

    As I read this Mojo Nixon is saying that he was the anti-Morrissey … in an almost song that I was almost listening to at this time. (seriously)

    My musical friend seems to think that I am stuck in the 80’s musically, but I think it’s more a matter of preference.

    I guess it’s AC/DC in the nursing home for me.
    … and … please please please let me get what I want this time … for lunch once in a while.

  4. planetross: Interesting…
    I saw Mojo play at a dive in Raleigh, NC back in ’94. It was not unintentional. I actually bought two tickets. I really don’t know why I liked him. A phase maybe? I didn’t know he was anti-Morrissey. I was a traitor.

    I am also stuck in the 80’s musically and it is a matter of preference. Is it really so really so strange?

    P.S. Thanks for the belated/early birthday wish.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Tammy! I hope you had a STELLAR day!

    I remember The Smith’s! I used to listen to “The Cure” a lot back then and “REM”. I’m still somewhat stuck in the 80’s myself.

    LOVE that photo of younger Tammy. I graduated high school in 1988! Ahhhhhhhh, good year! LOL

  6. Happy Birthday Tammy! Hope you had a lovely time.

    Funny, this post brings back memories of hitting 16 and only wanting to wear black. Like Gary I loved the Cure, and the Clash, and REM, not to mention New Order etc. I think we must all be the same generation. I graduated in ’89. Thanks for the reminder of being a teenager. Ouch. Some bits were fun but I don’t think I’d want to do it all again somehow!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! The Smiths were and are a favorite of mine too. I saw Morrissey on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia many years ago. I’ll never forget it.

    Anyway – wishing you another wonderful year of life. All the best!

    • Gary: Thanks, I had a wonderful b-day!
      I still like the same bands you mentioned.
      Glad you liked the photo. My bf back then was an aspiring photographer and I was always one of his subjects.

      epicurienne: Thanks for commenting! I had a lovely birthday.
      I graduated in ’89 as well. I enjoyed the 80’s and being a teenager, but I am thankful to be older and wiser now. LOL
      The music was awesome back then and still is. I saw the Cure in concert. It was one of the best I had ever seen. I also loved REM and New Order! I still enjoy NO’s old stuff. Their new music is ok, but not as good, IMO.

      Christy: Thanks for commenting and the birthday wishes.
      I don’t meet many people who like The Smiths or know who they are for that matter.
      I am envious of you seeing Morrissey! I would never forget it either.

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