The coat

The second full week of 2010 is underway.  This morning I woke up at 9am.  Yikes!  I have to get up earlier to be the teacher around here. When we all go to bed late it only makes sense to sleep in.  That way we are well rested, right?  Right!  Ah, the life of homeschoolers…

My son just finished vocabulary.  He has five four three more subjects to go. He will want lunch in about 3o minutes. I am still in my pj’s and need to shower. Ugh! It is going to be another slow day.   My husband is cutting down shrubs in the front of our house.  He said you cut them down while they are dormant, and they will come back in the spring.  We want the boxwoods to grow in a round shape, not the top-heavy and leggy shape the previous homeowners trimmed them in.

Do you see the two mounds of snow in the background?  They are what remains of our snowmen.  There is also still a small pile of snow to the right. 

Oh, the coat…right.  I have a new dilemma because my life is boring and I usually have to find something ridiculous to get fixated on.  Our state has been in a deep freeze these past few weeks and I do not want to wear my ski jacket everywhere I go.  Over the past couple of weeks, I have searched for a warmer coat.  One that is heavier and longer than my other short style light-weight jackets, and I don’t have to wear an extra layer under.  I have looked everywhere, and I am either too picky, cheap or both. I could not find anything I like!  I even decided to look at more expensive coats to test myself and I still did not like anything.  My last resort was a thrift store because I sometimes get lucky.  Low and behold there it was!  *cue angelic singing*

It is exactly what I have wanted!  The fabric is a heavy felt blend (not wool) throughout.  A wrap belted style in my favorite color brown.  For only $8 it was right up my alley.  It fits great, in very good condition, but it has a faint smell of cigarette smoke. YUCK!  Not a problem. I usually can get smells out and for $8 I will get it out.  I have to get it out because I cannot find another coat that I like.  After using Dryel and a few rounds in the dryer with dryer sheets, the smell is not as bad but still there.  Next stop is the dry cleaner, but for now it is airing out in the basement.  I hope the cleaners can get the stink out.  There is another coat I like, but it is on ebay.  The lining is made of taffeta, which I am not thrilled about.  It is my second choice but probably would not be as warm. 

For now, I will have to wear my jacket layered with a sweater until my warmer coat is smoke-free.

*Update* A third tumble in the dryer did the trick.  My new/preowned coat is freshly scented now. 🙂



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10 responses to “The coat

  1. WOW, you can’t beat $8 for a coat! I like it too! Looks nice and warm and stylish to boot.

    I have a wool jacket I wear in the Spring and Fall that I like a lot. I take it too a dry cleaner every Spring because I am unfortunately a smoker and want to get that smell out. The drycleaner always gets it out and makes it look all nice. LOL

    Glad to hear you got the smoke smell out of your jacket Tammy! 😀

  2. Gary, yeah $8 is a deal and fortunately the coat is stylish as well as warm. I got very lucky with this purchase because the other coats at the thrift store were very UGLY. LOL

  3. S. Le

    Hurrah! Another “thrifter!” I LOVE the new coat! Well done you!

  4. I’m glad you got the smell out of your coat. It’s very cute!

  5. What’s the difference between a coat and a jacket?

    … other than people don’t say a “jacket of paint” or a “coat potato”.

    It’s good when what you want is cheap.

    Poor little snowman.

    • planetross: A jacket is lighter than a coat. At least that is how I differentiate them. My son knows the difference well and would rather wear a jacket, if anything at all.

      I get the “jacket of paint”, but not “coat potato”. Figures…

      The snowmen are completely gone now.

  6. Tasneem R

    Wonderful ! You got the smell out of that lovely coat of yours ! You know it’s always so nice when we get things of our choice . When I went to the market last week I only ended up compromising with something I did not liked much because I did not got the garment of my choice .

    Are you a Shopaholic?- Do you tend to go on unnecessary shopping sprees?

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