Additions to my blog

Over the next couple of  several days I will be updating my blog with two new pages so my readers can learn a little more about me.   Look for the page titles “Things I like”, “Recent works” and “Undergraduate” to the right under the heading PAGES.

“Things I like” will list things I like from products I use, food I eat, restaurants, movies, music, or whatever I am current liking.  I will add to this page often.

“Recent works” and “Undergraduate” will have photos of selected works from the 90’s until now.  I received some compliments over Christmas (mostly from family) about my stuff so my confidence has been boosted and I have decided to share some of my work with my readers.  I will not add to this page regularly because it takes a while to complete a project I am working on.  My current project is a watercolor I began back in October, and it isn’t even half way completed.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading my blog!



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7 responses to “Additions to my blog

  1. S. Le

    Sounds brilliant! Anxious to see!

  2. Good luck on the new pages.

    … I guess I should get busy updating some of mine.

    • S. Le and planetross: Your comments are only 6 minutes apart. Weird.

      I hope it is brilliant. Now I’m nervous. The “Things I like” page is coming along fine…not so sure about the other one.
      This always happens…me and my big mouth!

      • S. Le

        Planetross and I are really the same person divided by 2 continents.

        Don’t be nervous. We won’t hold you to the whole weight-loss thingy. Or at least I won’t. I can’t speak for Planetross. People in Japan are contrary even if they’re originally from Canada, eh?

      • S. Le

        Oops! Sorry! You aren’t doing the weight loss thingy! I’m really looking forward to seeing your work and reading what sorts of stuff you like as well.

      • S. Le: Yikes! I thought you were psychic.

        Gary: Look for a new addition soon.

  3. Sweet! I can’t wait to see the new additions to your blog Tammy! I’ll be keeping an eye out for them. 😀

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