Post-Christmas thoughts

This year is coming to a close, and I have to say that 2009 just flew right by me.  2008 was a great year for me and I remember it well and it went by rather slowly.  On the other hand, I feel like I have missed out on too many things this year.  Perhaps it was due to having been overly involved in the sell our old house (that we put on the market in May) and the purchase and move to our new home.  I think I spent the entire summer staging and showing the old house, and most of the fall settling into the new one. 

We enjoyed our first Christmas in our new house and had the rare opportunity to stay at home the entire Christmas day.  I received many nice gifts this year, a couple having French origins.   My son gave me a black beret because since he sees me as an artist, he thinks I should own one.  I had to look online on how to wear it without looking goofy. Not that the French look goofy in a beret, but…

The second gift (made in France, given by my mom in-law) is a Le Creuset braiser, which I feel I don’t deserve.  It is like the golden calf in my kitchen, or should I say the black golden calf, or black calf.  I am not worried about breaking it.  It is so heavy that if I were to drop it I’d be more worried about ruining my floor.  I could use the lid in the place of hand weights for my arm exercises.

Braiser, 3 ½ qt.

One interesting gift I received was given by my step mother.  I don’t think she was trying to hint to what I should be doing, but rather encourage me in something I am pretty good at and well know for, I think.

Is my “sickness” that obvious? 

Notice it says, “Experiencing the Joy of Order“.   What if I said that I already do?

Now to add to my “joy of  order”, Martha Stewart has finally developed her own line of cleaning products.  What took her so long?  Her entire cleaning line can be seen here.  It will be available in 2010 at The Home Depot.  Have I died and gone to heaven?  Her corporate gifts this year were huge mesh bins filled with her products.  The full story can be read here at her blog.  She has posted photos of her products before and after they were assembled as gifts.  She definitely knows perfection! 

A Le Creuset braiser, a home organizer, and Martha Stewart’s new cleaning products…

2010 is looking kind of promising!



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5 responses to “Post-Christmas thoughts

  1. I have dreams of getting organized.
    Wow, that braiser is gorgeous!

  2. You gotta love the french! Where is a photo of you wearing your new beret? Don’t hold out on us now…we want to see how to properly wear a beret! 😀

    The Le Creuset braiser looks awesome. What does one cook in a Le Cruset braiser?

    I’m glad to hear that 2010 is shaping up real nice for you Tammy. 😉

    • Jean: Being organized is a blessing and a curse. Although your friends and family may envy you, your husband will despise you. You are better off dreaming. LOL

      Gary: I will work on the picture, but not sure I’ll be wearing it properly.
      I’ve been cooking everything in the braiser. Last night was chicken and tonight I heated up Brunswick stew. Very even heating and easy to clean.

  3. Oh Tammy, that braiser is truly a thing of beauty!!! Like the Rolls Royce of the Le Creuset line. No wonder you keep it on display!

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