Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve finds me busier than I planned.  What started out as just hosting the Christmas Eve dinner to provide a store-bought potato salad and dessert, rolls and tea has turned into baking a cheesecake, cooking a London Broil, glazing and heating the spiral cooked ham, cooking corn on the cob, and all the other prep work one does when hosting a dinner.  My dad and extended family on his side will gather here and I will see family that I usually see once a year.  On my dad’s side, I have one uncle, one aunt, one cousin, and my cousin’s son.  On my mother’s side, I have four uncles, four aunts, and 35 cousins and their children.  That makes for one big family gathering!  I am better able to manage my dad’s family. 

The photo is the cheesecake cooling in the oven.  I used this recipe. There was a slight problem while incorporating the ingredients, and it might not be noticable.  If I don’t tell, no one may never know. 


As with any good hostess, I made a center piece for each table.  I have two tables set up to seat 10 people, but I am expecting nine.  We were at Cracker Barrel for my husband’s birthday and I got the idea to use my hurricane lamps.  I added the greenery from our Christmas tree trimmings and the glass balls belonged to my husband’s grandmother. 

The last photo is of Christmas cards a dear friend gave to me last year.  The Nativity images are made with banana leaves.  I arranged them in two frames which are displayed on the mantel.  They are very simple and unique…like me! 

I wish all my readers and everyone in Bloggersville a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday! 



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4 responses to “Christmas Eve

  1. Christmas Eve dinner! boo boo boo!

    I hope it all went well. It sounds like work.

    Christmas is a boogly bear already without Christmas Eve thrown in.

    note to self: don’t say “boogly bear” anymore. hee hee.

    I hope Christmas was Christmas.

    • planetross: The dinner was great. It was a little work but I haven’t hosted in a few years so I didn’t mind.
      I shouldn’t have made rice pudding in addition to the cheesecake. Talk about sitting like a rock on your stomach!

      Christmas was Christmas. Hope yours was nice.
      I had some bear slippers to send to you, but I didn’t have your address. hee hee

  2. Your hurricane lamp centerpiece is gorgeous! I love the framed cards as well.

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