How’s Bodie?

Just in case any bloggers out there are wondering about our dog, Bodie, I thought I would write an update on his current condition.

Two weeks after we moved into our new home, our dog had an accident with my husband’s truck.  He broke his left hind leg and he had surgery with a pin inserted into the bones to hold them together until it healed.  It was a trying time caring for him while he convalesced.  He could not do anything for himself.  He got to a point where he would not eat and I was making all kinds of recipes to entice him.  He lost some weight which benefited us as he was not so heavy to carry outdoors.  We had to carry him outside and lay him on the ground, oftentimes soaking wet from rain, to do his um…you know.  Early on, he showed signs that he was not ready to give up and he wanted to get better.  It was just going to be a slow process because he is a very old dog.  I never considered how old he is (13), and if it would affect his recovery.  He was just “Bodie” and we needed to fix our dog.

We are through the hardest part, and he is doing fine, eating his dog food again, and finally walking on 3 legs.  We help him get up on his good hind leg by strapping a band (a strip of an old towel) around his mid section and lifting him up.  He cannot go up and down steps so we help him by using the strap.

Next week, he will go back to the Vet for a final follow-up.  The Vet will likely remove the pin in his leg and it should help him move it more freely. 

There is a silver lining through all of this.  Before his accident, Bodie had a massive lipoma on the same leg that he broke.  We never had it treated because he was old, he did not have any pain, and so we left it alone.  The mass restricted his walking and running, and we speculated if it caused him to stumble and get in the way of the truck on the day of his accident.  During the surgery on his leg, the doctor removed the mass and his leg returned to the normal size.  We are not sure how well he will walk on his left hind leg when he fully recovers, but the mass is gone and we see it as a good thing coming from a bad thing.

Sort of like taking lemons and making lemonade.

Here is Bodie and one of our cat’s, Gary, resting by the fire. 



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8 responses to “How’s Bodie?

  1. Keep him happy! Poor ol’ Bodie. I used to have a great dog Bodhi…he disappeared 😦

    I hope the recovery continues Tammy.

  2. S. Le

    Pets and family members do enjoy a nice fire.

    Hope Bodie gets a good report and begins to feel more himself.

    • Chad: Sorry your dog disappeared. I can only imagine how awful that was.

      S. Le: I hope to take him to the Vet later this week. He should get a good report.
      He has really enjoyed being inside more than usual.

  3. I hope Bodie’s follow-up visit goes well. He is a handsome boy.

  4. I hope the vet visit goes well and he’s back to normal soon.

    • Jean and planetross:
      Thanks for the well wishes for Bodie. The pin will have to remain in for about 3 more weeks, otherwise he is doing well. The Vet was pleasantly surprised to see him walking.

  5. Glad to hear Bodie is feeling better!!! 😀

  6. Thanks Gary! Feeling better and loving being catered to.
    Oh well…

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