A visit to Old Salem

While on a field trip to The Candle Tea event at Old Salem, I dropped my camera.  The lens was opened when it slipped out of my gloved hand.  It was jammed and would not close.  After coming home, I decided to “fix” it myself and ended up breaking the shutter.  Either way, the lens remained jammed so it was a loss.  I could take it somewhere to have it repaired, but it would probably cost me at least half of what I originally paid for it.    

Fortunately, my despairing state did not last long as a new camera is waiting for me at Best Buy to be picked up.  I purchased another Canon Power Shot, this time with 12 mega pixels and better features.  It is actually a much better camera and price than the one I bought two years ago.  You know what they say, technology only gets smaller and cheaper.  I can also still use the same AC adapter.  So…Santa came early this year because there was no way I could go without a camera.  Christmas season with no camera is not a good combination.   

Besides, what on earth would my blog be about with a camera?    

Just outside downtown Winston-Salem is the Moravian settlement, Old Salem.  It is such a special place to visit during Christmas.  Tours are closed on Mondays, but you can still walk around the village.   We went on Monday, and the only activity was a small number of school groups who were there for the Candle Tea tours.  (Not sure where the “Tea” part fits in because we only received a candle and one of their thin sugar cookies).  The gift shop, bakery, and sandwich shop were opened.  The museum/homes were closed, but we enjoyed walking around looking at their modestly decorated doors with a simple wreath of greenery.  It was very cold outside and the village was quaint and quiet.  It was especially nice to walk around without all of the hustle and bustle of visitors.     

Purchasing baked goods from Old Salem’s Winkler bakery is a must during ones visit.  The Moravians make a large variety of baked items that are also sold through a local bakery called Deweys.  It is very popular in this area to give Moravian cookies as Christmas gifts. The Moravians are famous for their ultra thin ginger spice cookies, but my favorite is the Moravian sugar cake.     

 Below is a photo essay of just some of the sights and homes from our visit to Old Salem.  They were taken with my old camera.


  The ladies (sisters) demonstrate how the candles are made.   




Thousands of beeswax candles wrapped in red crepe paper are made for the Christmas season.     


 This is Home Moravian Church.      


Guess who? My son took this photo.       

 The Winkler Bakery is located in the basement of this house.      

 This is the Single Brother’s house.  This is where the young men lived in the 1700’s.    




The Shultz Shoemaker Shop.    

The barns behind the Salem Tavern Museum.       

The Salem Tavern was the last photo taken with my old camera before I dropped it.



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5 responses to “A visit to Old Salem

  1. S. Le

    Very good photos and an interesting place for sure. Lovely snap of you, my dear!

    • Thank you! I thought my old camera took good pictures even though it was just a point and shoot. I’m looking forward to how well the new camera takes pictures.

  2. Congrats on your new camera!
    Oh, what terrific photos! What a lovely and quaint settlement.

  3. Great Post! Hey, did you realize that this blog is cataloged by G news? I just found it…web log on it? lol.

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