O Christmas trees!

The Christmas season is officially here. We spent the weekend after Thanksgiving decorating our home and our Christmas trees.  Yes, I said trees!  We have four this year.  Since our house is a little larger, we have more room for a fourth tree.  We already had plenty of ornaments.  Our Christmas trees have many special meanings behind them.  I will start with my son’s Christmas tree.

He has a small artificial tree in his room and it has all of his ornaments that we have bought for him over the years.  Some have his name on them and if not, then we just write in on there along with the year.  He decorated his tree himself.

I love his angel topper.  It was made at a MOPS meeting when he was younger.  I added the face to it and it is adorable!  He says he hates it, but he secretly likes it because he still puts it on top of his tree!

Our family Christmas tree is in the den.  This tree is artificial and it has all of our special ornaments from vacations, places we have visited, and our many handmade ornaments made by us and other family members.  And how can we forget baby Jesus in the manger?

The tree topper is a Moravian star.  The Moravians are a Protestant group who settled here back in the 1750’s.

My son and I are not in the den during the day, but in the dining room.  Having a tree in the front room is nice because we can look at it while we do school. This tree is real and has metal ornaments and a few other ornaments that are too large for the family tree. 

There are a few other decorations we put out each year.  One is our mountain Santa.  He  has been around for about 15 years. 


And the other is our Nativity.  It is about 15 years old as well.   Do you think there was a beagle at the birth of Jesus? 

And last but not least, the most special Christmas tree of all.  

Ok, so we only have three decorated trees, but how could I not include this one?



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7 responses to “O Christmas trees!

  1. S. Le

    Love your trees! (Is your son really an angel?)
    Love the Moravian Star!
    Love the Charlie Brown Tree.
    I collect Santas and Father Christmases and have multiple crèches. Lovely and the reason for the season as they say.

  2. Your trees and home look beautiful Tammy! You all seem to have the Christmas spirit at your house. I have hung 2500 lights outisde of my house but we haven’t put up the tree yet. We will probably do it this weekend.

    Merry Christmas!

    • S. Le: Thanks for “loving” all of my stuff. I would love to see your Father Christmases.
      My son has his angelic moments. 😉

      Gary: Yep, the Christmas spirit is full on the day after Thanksgiving. Sounds like you’ve been busy with those outdoor lights. Better get on to that tree soon!

      Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. On the outside I’m a bit of a humbug about Christmas, but on the inside I am still a child and remember Christmas trees from awareness to now.
    The Charlie Brown one at the end is the saddest, but the best.
    At home it was always a natural tree: I loved it as a kid and hated screwing in the stand as a teenager.

    I’d do it now for fun now, but only if someone else put on the lights. … I’d hang a few ornaments too … I’m not a slacker.

    • planetross: It’s good to always be a child (whether inside or out) during the Christmas season. It seems criminal to not be.

      If you didn’t even want to hang ornaments, you’d be a Christmas slacker. hee hee!

  4. Your Moravian star is gorgeous!!! Awww, look at that Charlie Brown tree. LOL @ the dog in the manger. 🙂

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